The construction of a successful website

SEO for such a long time, they also run a small, if a successful website talk about some success, perhaps more persuasive, now I have not been successful, would like to share my experience some of the site, is not welcome.

first: select website type and website profit model

you choose what type of website, you will choose the competition in this industry, no matter which industry is now almost all sites, different degree of competition in the industry is not the same, as you choose the type of Web site also must be aware of


industry website profit pattern, at least you should know their website profit pattern, the biggest taboo is the station construction site to see others to make money, they still don’t know what happened, just into it, then your website will become difficult, will eventually become a chicken ribs, because of you the lack of judgment of the future of this industry and the site is not clear their own direction of development.

second: preliminary preparation of website construction

website construction including website construction, program selection, search keywords, art design, domain name server, a lot of things to do, these things are in order to prepare for the line on the website, the preparation is behind in order to promote better, once the website line is not easy to change, so the construction site should make the preparation, must not side extension side modification, if too frequently change it. Baidu to extend the date included, and then the site was K off, I have eaten this aspect of the deficit.

third: team building and execution

now is not the personal heroism era, Li Xingping era has passed, a team of operators to improvise the probability of success is greater than one at the same time, a good team can benefit by mutual discussion, SEO is a continuous innovation and learning technology, any kind of method can be used in SEOER, black or white. A mouse is a good cat, the promotion effect is a hard truth! Execution is the key to the success of the site, a good promotion method is not to practice, you always do not know can not succeed, do SEO need endurance and force analysis also dare to innovation and practice. Say more not to practice is no use


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