Good station user experience you must first learn to figure out the needs of users

station optimization is a key ring for website optimization, especially this year, Baidu update Scindapsus and pomegranate algorithm, we can see the Baidu algorithm to more high-quality user experience. In the SEO and the user experience on the balance, webmasters will tend to SEO, resulting in the abuse of anchor text, keyword stack and so on, although this is to enhance the site’s ranking, but this is the original intention of the website and let the user’s aversion to draw further apart, the content of the website, this ranking is not stable.

if you do not pay attention to user experience will allow the user to generate resentment, then we need to consider the needs of users, the only truly meet the needs of users is truly effective and qualified station optimization. In this regard, how do we figure out the needs of users? And how to do the station optimization according to the user’s needs? The following author share some of his personal views.

1: to provide users with really convenient and quick anchor text in the station

anchor text appears in the station, in addition to convenient search engine spiders can more in-depth climb to our site, more important role is to facilitate our users for more in-depth browsing. And we found that many optimization personnel often just fancy the SEO ranking effect, so constantly inserted in the content of some irrelevant, and the user does not click on the value of anchor text. Although these anchor text can make more deep crawling, ascension ranking, but this for the site’s long-term operation, it is very unfavorable. We need to correct this kind of anchor text for SEO and try to figure out what the user cares about, and how to let the user find the content he wants through the anchor text inside the station. Just like the anchor text shown below.

although the "more" in this picture is not the keyword we want, it has no effect on ranking, but it is very useful for users. Users can be more convenient and quick access to interested columns, greatly enhance the site’s user-friendly experience.

two: learn to skillfully use questions to meet the content requirements of visitors

for our visitors, a lot of people tend to come to my site with questions, especially in some medical, learning and training platforms. And if you look at your background traffic statistics, you’ll find that part of the traffic comes from some search seekers with questions. Users come to our site, just want to help them solve their problems and satisfy their curiosity through the content on our site. If we properly incorporate the title of question into our content, I think it will be more user-friendly.

through the author’s own analysis, this kind of questions with the title of the content, often reading rate is very high, and jump out rate is low. We should learn more about this model, especially in some medical, learning and training sites.

three: know how to select quality content for users


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