Social question and answer website pioneer is closing social quiz in the end there is no drama



day before, always can use anonymous Q& A form; "ask me anything of the pioneer social" quiz website: Formspring off. The San Francisco based startup announced the news on its blog.

The famous

Q& A platform will be closed on March 31st, users before April 15th can be derived from personal information, Formspring founder and CEO ed Ade Olonoh wrote in closing this announcement.

When Formspring was launched in 2009,

was a pioneer in this field, but its personal brand was also affected when its service was replicated by many later, such as Tumblr. The company has raised $14 million to build its unique advantages, for example, in the last year, Formspring launched the "anonymous social network" based on the interest of this name, but not be optimistic investors, things do not seem as expected smoothly.

‘s recent rumors of an internal Formspring layoff and the departure of COO have recently spread, but unfortunately, this is really the case, and today all the news is about websites closed.

in the blog, the website’s closing announcement says, "


Formspring was introduced in November 2009, by allowing people to speak freely about such a unique way of well known and eventually reached more than 30 million registered users and 4 billion articles, an important part of its rapid expansion and become a people of online communication, this process is completely beyond my expectations.

really thank you all for your positive questions and answers, which have contributed to the progress and development of the website. Without your support and cooperation, there is nothing we can get today. It is because you have created such a lovely community that we have met all kinds of new friends, so that we can improve our relationship and broaden our horizons.

unfortunately, I have to bear the sad announcement that Formspring is about to close. Although we have been a great success and have gained a lot of hard core fans, we still have to face the challenge of maintaining the necessary resources.

Sunday, March 31st, will be the last day of your Formspring questions or post, from now on April 15th, this time you can on the website is the answer you want, after 15 days, the website and the application of APP will be closed, all content will be permanently deleted.

you can follow the following steps to export the answer:

login to your account and access http:>

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