Do site navigation station Mo learn 360 security guards

inadvertently found that 360 security guards also out of the site navigation, using the two domain name Go in and take a look, this navigation station is the Shanzhai version of hao123, in fact, it can be seen from its two level domain name. And this is also the 360 navigation station, is estimated to see the success of the 114la, after all, 114la is relying on wind known to man. Then said the 360 copycat version of hao123: in addition to simple modifications, there is no innovation In fact, the 360 navigation version before it is own, do not know what the reason, at 360 completely replace their own version, and follow the footsteps, is really unbelievable. Do you also want to learn the success of hao123,


actually in hao123 by Baidu to buy at a high price, Google acquisition of 265 navigation, site navigation station has become the webmaster pursuit of a kind of website. In addition to being greatly attracted by the success of the previous two, the site’s demand for technology, and the ease of imitation of the site, have led to a rapid increase in the number of such sites. But slowly, we found that the success is nothing more than a few, but for most small owners, no resources, no contacts, and lost the best opportunity for development, success is not an easy thing.


site navigation station, now, if you seize the opportunity, such as hao123, when the Internet was not developed, still managed to do Li Xingping made the hao123 prototype, a lot of convenience is not familiar with the Internet, the so-called "life time"; if you have resources, such as wind by software the issue has led 114la (also recently launched a comprehensive search engine; if you are not the first to seize the opportunity, and no technical resources, navigation station development path is relatively hard and tortuous. This is also a lot of webmaster has been explored, 09 years, we are still continuing to explore.

a few days ago, I was talking with some webmaster friends about the way out of the website navigation station. Many people think that the navigation station is only adapted to the needs of the times. Maybe in the near future, it will be eliminated because it can not meet the needs of the market and become the product of the times. But I think, comprehensive navigation station is not suitable for most personal Adsense operation, professional navigation station may be another way of this kind of website. On the one hand, professional navigation station involves only one area, is not difficult as a webmaster familiar with the field, and requires much effort, as long as the understanding of some promotion methods, you can get a lot of traffic, although compared with the tens of millions of traffic hao123 integrated navigation station also worth mentioning, enough to feed a stationmaster. For example, I and a few friends together, for the webmaster and IT crowd, do a webmaster navigation station, in the service of the webmaster at the same time, also ready to use the resources at hand to promote. Another example is to do an online shopping guide to help people shop safely

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