Write excellent soft Wen six standards

on a "six webmaster soft text release base" after, caused a lot of webmaster attention, also have a lot of people put him as his later soft Wen work standards. Published place has, after all more important is the quality of soft text. We write the main purpose of soft Wen, sure is propaganda, let more people know. And the quality of soft text directly affects the click through rate and reprint rate. Well, once an article comes out, it will naturally be reprinted. Here are a few of the guidelines I’ve been making for the IT teahouse:

1. faces end audience user

publicity, the first consideration must be my website audience groups, what are the main activities of these user groups?. A local site to Sina to advertise, certainly is not worth the candle. Therefore, this point must first think well, not necessarily send to the most popular web site or forum, but to send to the most targeted. Before the online circulation of a national forum, TOP50, has been reprinted a lot. Some people follow the list to send articles, and the results have little effect.

2. real content

published soft text on the Internet, the text of the requirements of the foundation is not high, in fact, as long as you have personal experience of real use of popular words described, it may be recommended by editors. The most lacking in the Internet is the original content, but the most hated is precisely fictional, moving content to win sympathy. This is just like doing business, you may be able to pass a compelling content for you to your website, but your article will vary greatly with product offensive heart, not only the user will not come to your website, not even recommend friends over.

3. choose a good title, avoid heading party

a good title can really attract more people, but it’s more dangerous to make people click and make headlines out of context, which is similar to fictional content. The choice of title should be close to the focus of attention, such as the IT teahouse webmaster forum an article "how to my site to earn 70 thousand month by members of the forum to attention, later confirmed the basic content is true, just slightly modified ingredients, at the same time the author of the original intention is to promote a product.

4. article content as little as possible, Add URL and connection

The best way is to publicize the meaning of

text into the article, but some webmaster is to highlight the effect of publicity in the article as long as related to the site to join the site, where the keywords add a point to their own links, such a submission site is difficult to edit by another. Is a relatively easy for the reader to see propaganda articles.

5. article content with popular or celebrity related

, for example, the current economic crisis has attracted much attention, so you can use this as the theme of the article and contact your website or product that you want to advertise. >

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