Future success will be born in the mobile phone website

according to the survey, the domestic webmaster 2/3 site annual income of less than ten thousand yuan, small and medium-sized website survival situation is still grim, revenue needs to be further improved. Web site, the novel station, QQ station, non mainstream station, game station, station community site become popular at the present stage, the game entertainment sites generally used in fierce competition, so the future hot site where? How to grasp the trend of the future of the site


in the report, the use of SNS third party application type analysis shows that the game, entertainment, SNS, third party applications are most common. 86.3% of the webmaster said that the use of games, entertainment, three party applications, and the use of content sharing only 39.8%, less than half of the game entertainment. The evaluation and utility class three applications were separated by 34.7% and 29.3% using third and fourth, respectively.

however, according to the third party application type Statistics website most want to use 42.4% of the site, expressed the hope that the use of mobile phone third party application the future, finance, friends, information and tools were 32.8%, 32.3%, 31.9% and 31.4% proportion in the future site most wish to use third party applications from second to fifth a. This is the game and entertainment applications in the first place in the characteristics of the opposite, for the future expected, the game, entertainment and assessment in the bottom position. Although mobile phone third party applications have been recognized by the webmaster, but in the SNS users, mobile phone applications have not been more recognized. This does not mean that the mobile phone application future prospects, compared to the popularity of mobile phone mobile phone intelligent computer is higher rate, the tendency of the future, SNS users demand for mobile phone applications, will appear blowout situation.

in addition, functionality, operability, and intelligence are the main considerations for web selection of SNS software. The development status of survey data DCCI 2009 Chinese Internet SNS display, 62.5% of the site said the function of comprehensive and flexible customization and third party extensions are primary considerations for selecting SNS software; 59.6% of the website that the operation is quick and convenient, and user experience and interface is the main consideration of SNS software; and whether the availability of the system, the upgrade operation of the intelligent management of the other 56.7% sites are the main factors to consider.

mobile phone, and Internet users have comparable users, even beyond the Internet, real-time, convenient, whenever and wherever possible trade advantages, integration of SNS finance, sharing, e-commerce extension application, through word-of-mouth, will be a snowball development trend, the formation of a new concept, new field and create a new pillar industry, the future mobile phone website prospects are very wide, huge capacity, will be the exhibition stand up the direction of future success will be the birth of the webmaster.


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