n my example start on the road is wasted

I think in all the people who work, I am afraid no one did not think of their own business as a boss. However, most people’s thoughts are only occasional moments, like the popular phrase in the forums: "drifting". The thought of the hardships and tired, think of a number of uncertain risk, think it is retracted to take the fixed salary, though not much, but at least every month can take to your account in next month’s living expenses had landed, get good can have a lot of balance. And this life more easy ah, 8 hours after the class home, do what you want to do, watch TV, surf the Internet, play games, go clubbing, shopping, don’t even do what, just lazily to the sofa or bed on the floor, "run into a unified story, he summer and winter and spring and Autumn", this is a free realm ah.

there are some people, think that work is not easy, think of the meager salary to buy houses and cars, not to change the retirement security, at the same time also saw others venture after the success of the scenery, often being entrepreneurial story inspiring night can’t sleep sleep. As a result, the idea of entrepreneurship has been spinning in their own head, lingering, scattered away. And every one that is not the way to work, entrepreneurship is a permanent solution, lest people do not know their own ambition. But in fact, these people have never really begun to do it, or even carefully think about whether their project is feasible, apart from the occasional idea of starting a business.

I’m sorry, but I’m the second. I want to have a lot of entrepreneurial heart impetuous, optimistic about the project are aborted in the fear of the risk, a few did a bit of give up. You can see, I registered in 2004, Taobao want to open an online shop, and as a result, in May 26, 2008 only upload 10 goods, barely opened zhang. While registered later than I have a lot of a diamond crown shop; I know the website to be able to make money from 2005, some can do a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars. And I waited until 07 years to make my first website, SOHO solutions, www.cnsohosolution.com, just earned less than one thousand dollars, I have no idea to continue the operation.

so far, I already know my problem. I have found my Achilles’ heel from someone I know, first of all, lack of action, and then lack of concentration and enthusiasm.

some time ago, I and my brother-in-law are in college that I wanted to put it to spread out, exercise eloquence and sales ability, and advised him to try. Results after two days, I haven’t decided what time to supply it, others have been placed in Yantai stall on the side of the road, and good sales, an average net profit of nearly 100 dollars a night. Let me buy a friend in American space. The website has been ready. Just two weeks ago, I began to take orders for foreign trade. I have been developing steadily for months

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