Explore how to make QQ class websites more accurate

personal webmaster do QQ type of website is not a few, the so-called QQ type website is the QQ head, QQ net sites like, sometimes I want to find a good QQ users will go to Baidu search, this website is actually a lot. Recently, a friend of mine has done such a web site, mainly to provide QQ Avatar download. Baidu search under the "QQ Avatar" this keyword, you will find N more such sites, the word Baidu index is 162748, you can see that the search volume is very huge. Today don’t talk about such website how to choose and do SEO optimization, talk about how to use QQ group and QQ space to do promotion, because this site is closely related with QQ, so the personal feeling of use of QQ resources to do promotion is more accurate. QQ space and QQ group we are very familiar with, specifically how to plan it,


first: analyze your user base and product features

here on what products, is your website QQ picture more, more important is your users love those types of QQ head, basically this website users can be identified as 80, 90 young people, especially after 90 more interested in what the non main stream QQ head. This also can be analyzed, from the Baidu index as above, a search for the words "non mainstream QQ Avatar" Baidu index, population attributes display up to 10-19 user search, can probably know the number of 90 users to search the most. After determining the site’s basic user group, the next step is to think about what kind of users love QQ avatar, such as personality QQ picture, QQ picture, non mainstream popular QQ picture are the users favorite, so your site to be more of this type of picture. I also feel sweet is also very creative QQ avatar, these pictures can produce their own, can be reproduced on other websites, but make your own avatar competitors is not, I have no people, this is an advantage from the


second: use QQ space and QQ group to share

QQ is a platform for the promotion of QQ space and good, the usual QQ number is stolen will bring a lot of spam, if not promptly deleted is likely to be the title, so do the promotion when using QQ group and QQ space, should not overdo sth.. Of course, if you really share some good QQ avatar, this is certainly not a problem, but first to add more friends, friends should also pay attention to the choice, mainly to add those 90. Do not underestimate the role of QQ group sharing, an attractive space log will often be reprinted, your friend’s friend will also see your QQ log. An ordinary QQ can add 500 friends, operates 3 QQ number will have 1500 friends, also established several methods related to the QQ group is good, can call the QQ avatar group, teach you how to do good.

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