Lin analyze the WAP web site

has recently been observed in WAP dynamic, mobile phone number of Internet users has significantly, WAP site has many, but closed quickly, eventually became famous station Buduomiumiu not have the strength to promote a large number of money to buy traffic, is the main type of door, apartment layout type, download the social web site, these are large the human and management personnel. Portal level 3G portal, Tencent, QQ, Le news, etc.. One can count as many as they stand. It can be said that monopoly uses most mobile Internet users. Navigation station, intelligent machine mostly downloaded UC browser and QQ browser, Op browser, go browser. Built in URL navigation. These big tycoons all sell software in large quantities.

so I don’t have much hope to build a navigation station. I don’t have any utility to compete with them. No strength, such as the grassroots webmaster, we should do characteristics, seize a theme, do the best, do fine, as it is now doing a great site, Ruili, wireless network, the story of healthy female net, net, local stations, Kaku cartoon etc.. I have also done two special features, the story Chinese network, entrepreneurship rich, content and layout landscaping, and he is also very satisfied. Just don’t have time to manage it yet. Before, music news is also from the mobile phone master, slowly do portal level. Before the site, the first location or allocation of the main columns – rich resources – beautify the layout – re publicity. A web site, the most important content, is not equal to the content of shell site, not what can miss another page beautification, say a website only 3 seconds to retain users, I think that is right, if a web page, it looks down, not the kind I southeast don’t stay for a second, so have a clean and orderly layout.

is not recommended for personal website or community portal, see a lot of grassroots webmaster do love and love for the community portal, there are a lot of entertainment programs, but many mistakes, loopholes, people will not black you for half an hour, community entertainment, fun and practical matters, such as guess points, stone cloth, 49 1, the traditional game can not, do not have a few people to play, now the big debate or virtual stock is also good, users also love. Suggest winning, leaving a few fun and interesting. Portal level to do any column resources or articles are not a few, so that what is the feeling to the user, it is recommended to do a good, and then do another column. Topic: the recommended WAP site type has not yet started. The station can be considered. 1. army online. On the military side, this type of WAP seems to have few, you can refer to the web’s military website. 2. women network. 3. local websites. Make a feature of your home town for months, and you’ll see the results on your website. 4. article stand. 5., pioneering network,.6., life, etc.. 7. health network. Note that do not add color content, such sites are not color station. Can refer to the portal level of the two column. 8. star station. Collect some star information, this workload is also large, but must be updated frequently. Well, anyway, did not read the book a few years, literary talent is not good, please don’t mind typos.

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