The nine type Huajing Tokgo cheats allows you to play through their own WeChat public number

many of my friends asked me on WeChat, so WeChat can improve their number of public enterprises, here I have to share about to let you play through their own WeChat " public number Tokgo nine; ".


the first thing to do is to clear the positioning of their enterprise company, the second is the product positioning and determine the position of the official public number, the public number is to showcase the company’s image, or to sell up with fans or to do a adorable, pure sales platform? Only do accurate positioning to be able to make public the administrator more clearly know what day you need to push the text to what style to create the public business, and I say this to say? Say, is for everyone to speak my mind:

type 1: creating custom menus

on the custom menu, my personal suggestions are at least: fist products, classic cases, qualifications or honors, push history messages, fans, communities, contacts, etc..

second: push product or service information

this trick is not to fear the loss of fans, I dare not push product information, fees, fans, fans, and ultimately not to transform. But to do product information push to have skills, to do is the hard at the time of hard, soft when soft. The following are several ways of pushing:

1, direct push product information

2, push product information at the end of the article

3, twitter feedback fans special activities: coupons, small gifts, offline activities, auditions, trial, trial skills, essay, sun alone, beauty contest and so on.

4, set the keyword reply. When the user replies to the keyword, push a product message by the way.

5, push user feedback information and trial experience.

6, push form innovation: text, graphics, language, video,

7, in addition to push, as well as interactive, remember when the user on WeChat to give you a message, the first time to respond to interaction, each user and your interaction as a gift from the other side of you.

third: always upgrade your public number experience


says here is that, for a period of time, he has cancelled his attention to his own public number and renewed his attention to re understand and experience it. Identify problems and enhance user experience.

fourth: select third party platform

here is, let their own public number increase experience, if you do not understand the development, WeChat public platform function can not satisfy you, but there are a lot of the third party platform available, as long as the simple authorization, can use a lot of functions.

fifth >

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