Stationmaster should often tidy up oneself to do station mentality

, first of all, thank A5 very much. Why do you say so?. That is because yesterday I sent an article entitled < a primary webmaster bitter experience of > the article on the site due to the weak foundation, is a standard rookie, plus yesterday is the first post in the A5, but also can be said to be the first posting on the Internet (that maybe you don’t believe although the Internet, 10 next year, but I was never in love or certain Forum irrigation is to post, find something interesting to see) as a fledgling rookie webmaster, posted on A5 after I was mad in the slightest fear and uneasiness, I’m afraid I can’t write well, or misunderstood is affectation, will be scolded, was a brick.

I woke up, immediately opened their own posts, found that there are so many webmaster friends will not discriminate against me this little rookie, but to encourage, but there are more than 80 people to see me in the eyes of the predecessors must be rotten garbage station, I got a great encouragement and motivation for this! I feel the sincerity and warmth, give me more courage, this is also the reason why I could not help secretly at night and his mental words written down. I suddenly found that, although there is a virtual space, but it seems that everyone around, it is precisely because of this, I always do not love the post yesterday, hold to tell the truth, and today could not bear, sitting in front of the computer, seems to be on the side to care about their owners friends talk about their feelings, when tired has been detached, the spirit of love this feeling, too, suddenly understand why so many people love the post, in fact the reality with a bunch of old friends talk, talk about the day is a kind of feeling, enjoy. I think I probably like the feeling.

believes that many webmaster friends feel anxious to put a day for two days or even three days, because always feel tired, but I also like so many things not done, never done. Website to update, to promote enough time to spend, and sometimes touched some technical things, and even in the middle of the night eyelid fight, or not willing to sleep. I made up my mind to go to bed, but I didn’t seem to sleep at all. Although I have no experience of what, but vaguely felt that a world view of themselves are busy, but it seems not busy what substantive things, then feel like what didn’t do. Feel like a headless fly, and then go to some forums, send some promotion post, update the website for a while, and then go to see other people’s Web site is how to do?. Suddenly found himself very necessary to tidy up his thoughts, a good summary, and good to others to learn from, so as to let oneself busy on the Internet a day, have busy day content and value.

was busy on the computer for 10 hours, and the work I had created might have been 30 hours or even longer. Inefficiency is a bad thing. I was thinking about my daily promotion, and every day I thought I was working hard and didn’t waste

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