Tell you how to make a music website

although the pressure of the music website is great now, because of the cost of the server, the competition of the same kind and the copyright problem, there are still many webmaster eager to try. Today, tell you about the general process and method of making a music website.

makes music network, this kind of website has three basic:

1. first copyright issues. We must pay attention to copyright in order to become bigger.

2., if you want to do a better music station. Requires at least 20G of music file space.

3. bandwidth 1M, don’t do it. So so, at least 10M. Want to do well, at least 100M exclusive

below, in detail under the investment program

1. minimum investment.

use music thief program, investment only need to download a thief program online, and then modify, and then buy a little space is enough. Cost =1 days time (find program, debugger) +200 yuan (virtual space cost). The advantages of the program are: first, the cost is low; secondly, because the songs data are stolen on other people’s websites, so they don’t need to update and maintain themselves. Then, even if the stolen site does not do security chains, even songs can be stolen to listen to.

the disadvantages: first speed will have a certain delay, because the thief program is to steal others site data, so when people visit your site, is actually a process of users access to your server, your server accesses the website you steal, steal the data processing in the server down and then sent to friends. So speed is slower than direct access to your site. And speed depends to a certain extent on the speed of the web site you stole. If you can not open the web site you stole, then your site will be more open.

2. medium investment

to the next program online, buy a virtual space, if it is just like this, and the first program costs almost. But at this point the program is no longer a thief program, but a professional music program. Therefore, the implementation scheme is different. Secondly, the online down free program will always be some imperfections, functionality will generally be missing, if you are a pursuit of perfect people, you can buy a set of business procedures, music sites do more professional. Then rent data from other music sites.

so that, this program will be more than a business process, fees and data charges. Procedures for hundreds of dollars, data costs a year that is more than 1000, less than 3000 yuan a year investment.

the advantage of this program is that the speed will be much faster than the first one. You are equivalent to have a complete web site, there are static pages, search engines prefer to include, not long before, you will find visitors through search engines to find your site.

the disadvantage of the program: anyway, the site must be updated after it is set up. This is not a thief procedure

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