Talking about the importance of being a station master

actually yesterday should share to everybody, but yesterday 00 total total things to delay, so that did not write this soft text to share. Today, one is to promise to myself, with strong execution, we must put this article before 12 to write, on the other hand also want to and the webmaster, SEO said the importance of execution.

When I first contact with

in this industry, with my teacher said to me, in fact, do this really is not what happened, what to do, you insist, you should have a good mentality, you need to have strong execution. The other is nonsense, and the most important thing is to have strong execution, to the site to do it, not just playing everywhere can do up. To this end, he asked me, must make the goal of the website plan, for example: in this within a week, you are what you want to achieve the goal, is the chain growth, increase the number of included, or increase the number of ranking, increase the number of traffic. You have to do it and not do it regularly. That will only make your station stand up.

I listen to the teacher’s words, although it is a novice, but when the teacher asked me to write their own programs, must, not to ask for help, and then I plan to him, he gave me some change, said to me, everything from the reality, through the analysis of different stations, to know how much the key to bring traffic, the number, it will bring much traffic, and the next is the specific implementation. In the same way, he asked me to make a week’s schedule and write a rough plan for him. I also did, at that time, there is no supervision, do feel handy, for example, what do you do in the morning, what do what to do at noon, afternoon, a day of time into different stages, according to the daily plan strictly, gradually under his leadership, the site of the rankings do imperceptibly up.

now, when alone do stand, found themselves with many defects, mainly is the executive force of insufficient, sometimes love always drag that mediocrity, not to the old website ranking. But recently, I am strict demands on themselves, for example, every morning, no matter how not to write, but I insist to write, for is not only an outside chain, but self analysis, to find their own shortcomings in the process of writing soft text, to constantly improve yourself.

In fact,

, a detail, is enough to reflect, every day we will have additional tasks, sometimes have to study some new things, and some people may, in this task is too big and give up, this is not a new learning opportunities, enhance their own also becomes slow, if Ken to take a little time to learn, so you will benefit from the infinite. My teacher used to ask me to take an hour every day to study. Only learning can make progress. But how many people can?

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