Personal Adsense make big money good foundation is the most critical

building a website is like opening a company. Before you start a company, you need adequate preparation. Who dares to fight the battle that is not sure? Of course, in the establishment of a web site before, also need to have adequate preparation, although the site did not open the company is so troublesome, but the site also need to spend money to manage, otherwise, how can the site become climate?. So, what does the stationmaster need to do before building a station to be able to make his website operate normally, or even good enough?

1, sign up for a good domain name

domain name is the cornerstone of the network, is the site of the school number, characterization of a web site, the webmaster in the station before, must seriously register a website related to its own domain name. According to the domain name, your website brand website to register the domain name, but not too long, so as to be easy to remember, so as to make your site more easy to remember. And a simple and profound significance of the domain name is also conducive to search engine optimization, because the domain name and also has a direct relationship, so for the webmaster, in the site before to register a good domain name has been a small step.

2, select a good host service provider

why choose a good host service provider rather than buy virtual host good? Because a virtual host speed, stability and safety are all service providers directly, if the owners can choose to a good hosting service providers that need not worry about the quality of the host, even if the host fails. Customer service service provider service well done, so also does not affect the development of the site and the mood of the webmaster. Due to the current lack of understanding of the innumerable hosting provider, IDC industry webmaster, this time can be on the virtual host to select the evaluation of network service providers, through the evaluation of users to make a comparison of these service providers, the webmaster want to buy a good virtual space is not so difficult. Always more than their own blind bump, and finally buy a frequently trouble host, more worry. With the opportunity provided by the professional platform, choose a good space for your website, so as to provide a high quality network environment for the operation of the website, and this is also an important foundation for the success of the site.

3, accurate positioning of the site

is the domain name space and the webmaster can everything is ready except one crucial element. Front said, do the station is like opening a company, open the company need to do planning, that site also need to do integrated planning. Don’t look at the integration of planning seems very profound, is actually very simple, as long as the webmaster in site before think about what you want and what kind of station, what is this station profit model, and give the site a good name is planning one of them. Do the above, go further to think, if someone has to do the same station than you, the webmaster to go beyond this time, the core positioning website with the webmaster, do stand to find their own ideas to become an independent school their own unique ideas, into the the core of the website, the website of the brand image, do stand purpose, development goals are integrated.

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