Zhang Lianglun out of Amoy from shopping guide to flash purchase Secrets

lead: vip.com occupy the clothing category, jumei.com occupy the beauty category, from the rice network separated from the babe net can occupy the mother and baby category?


vip.com has occupied the clothing category, jumei.com has occupied the beauty make-up category, has separated the net from the rice folding net "the baby net" to be able to occupy the mother and baby category,


| Liu Yan

in the end whether or not through the shopping guide cross-border to mother and child sale, the founding team into a very tangled among. After much hesitation, meters off the network founder Zhang Lianglun is determined to try, he will not leave any regrets. In 2013, after spending about 1000000 yuan heavily to buy beibei.com the most suitable to do maternal and child supplies domain, Zhang Lianglun also spend hundreds of thousands of bought beibei.com.cn. Finalize the babe network domain name, he is off from the posterior front, forcing myself to adventure. After several months of intense preparations, Beibei net finally in April this year formally launched.

today, the only 4 month old on the line has not disappointed Zhang Lianglun. It quickly broke the vast majority of the electricity supplier is difficult to exceed the monthly turnover of 60 million yuan mark, and in the monthly growth rate of over 100%, the monthly turnover of 100 million, just around the corner.

Zhang Lianglun this move did not go wrong. In the Taobao policy continues to close, mogujie.com, beautiful and other shopping guide site suffered severe pressure, he tried to lead the rice fold network transformation, but accidentally discovered the mother and child sale this valuation depression.

after vip.com, jumei.com, Beibei network can become a baby mom and pop category of flash buy big winner?

why cross border for mother and baby sale,


the widdy, this is Zhang Lianglun founded three meters off the greatest feeling of years. Although the meters off the network shopping guide websites to the first camp in the 100 meters sprint speed, turnover of 500 million yuan a month, but it doesn’t make him feel relaxed, because any wind sways grass Taobao are likely to bring no small shake.

simply do shopping guide website, although there are suppliers settled, but the final transaction link still depends on external completion. Zhang Lianglun want to order transactions, cash flow, after-sales service and other supply chain back-end has a deeper involvement, so think of doing B2C, in order to reduce dependence on Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms.

last year, in the search for "Amoy" in the process of exploration, Zhang Lianglun not only saw the charm of the sale, but also found that meters off the background has a very valuable data trends: the mother and baby market growth is very fast. This attracted a great deal of attention from the team. After investigation, found that in China, only 600 billion of the market size of children’s clothing, and other maternal and child category, there will be trillions of "cake."". But from the current domestic consumption habits, most people to line consumption mainly, the largest transaction volume is still online under the mother and child store. If you can hold the line babe network first chair, or will become the industry giant".

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