The initial stage of the site with rich content to retain and accumulate users

Internet grassroots webmaster number millions, tens of millions of individual sites, some owners through the Internet platform to gain a lot, some websites are also impressive, but most of the people is still in the initial stage of development, the website also has not improved. Why do others succeed, and some people are still wandering,


November 18th Admin5 forum Thursday invited Pizhou forum version Xu Wei share site development initial stage operation and accumulation of users topic, this paper focuses on baby finishing, welcome to discuss.

asked: the site early stage, operation, user accumulation, traffic and other issues are very concerned about the webmaster. How does the Pizhou forum start to solve these problems? How to build a user base and build their own brand?

answer: Pizhou forum stage is a focus on the "news media" the people’s livelihood type of forum, not as many local forums that rely on line users activities started, that is to say at the local station, we stand at the beginning by the website of real content to attract visitors to the website just at the start of the 06 years also didn’t want to become a business forum, just as an ordinary people to speak the place, in the early development because there is no any commercial behavior, there is no so-called financial difficulties, to say that is difficult, netizens use the forum to push in the public opinion the frontier, and the government to push in the opposite. Until now, we still survive in the government and the ordinary people, the people to stand in the position to speak to the


in the initial stage, a small town in the network media has not been recognized by most people, till now, the small town of network media and did not like the metropolis as recognized by the public, and sometimes I even in the family and relatives about our company and our work are not communication with them, for they this industry is not very understanding, they also represent the vast majority of people in the small town.

groundless talk over the past four years, these four years we have been trying to do is to let everyone know about Internet media, e-commerce, the company is doing all in this network of e-commerce is not very developed county, put the word "Pizhou forum" the brand set up.

speaking guests of the website, the user stickiness is very strong, a lot of "to the Pizhou forum, and the society of loyal users" on the Internet, want to ask guests, how do you do it? Hope to talk about the specific.

answer: early development of our website is the development of "media" direction, in the early days, the Pizhou Forum on the Internet is not here to see what delicious good drink fun, but come here to see what was happening in Pizhou today news! For the Pizhou forum, users are sticky, because they can see them in the "Pizhou radio station and Pizhou TV station" > at the Pizhou Forum

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