Tips for webmasters who run women’s websites

today received an e-mail, is love female net webmaster to me, let me take the time to diagnosis of his website weight why not go, and let me give his love of women network operators provide a bit of advice. In fact, before I often receive some help from some problems operation of female net webmaster friends, today I give you the detailed operation of the road about women, of course this is just a little of my personal opinions, welcome to participate in the discussion. China’s Internet development today, the birth of a large number of successful Internet companies, of course, more small and medium-sized Web site is still struggling in the food and clothing line. In the two years to ETUDE’s network, Amy, the Qixi Festival women network led by portal development women in just three years, set the industry benchmark for a time, all kinds of women from all corners of the Internet sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain to take out. The number of women’s websites in China is more than 200 thousand, according to the South China source, a well-known commercial source provider. Although this data is exaggerated, it reflects the popularity of women’s websites in one aspect.

was love women’s website asking me why I don’t go to the website, open his website, printed into the eye of "I’m very disappointed, the female network program fits, a female program using dedecms fine imitation, structure optimization design is very beautiful, very good, the whole site looks no flaws, at least on the surface it seems so, but because of the female network program is very good, so with so many people, more on the flood, a flood has become a waste program, you think ah, the same page, the data are the same acquisition, what most of the webmaster is very lazy, even a column name without any modification, label what did not make any changes, most of the webmaster to revise the program simple configuration, modify name Word and logo, a brand new station is on the line. We do so, if the weight of the site is high, but strange, this approach is difficult to attract search engines included. Well, if you don’t say a few words, go back to business. Then I’ll give you some personal experiences about the operation of the women’s web.

one. The choice of website space. Most of the women network program is too large, especially the home page index files are generally more than 60kb or even some arrived in 100kb, open the super slow speed, it was influenced by the large network of women, think home to do very versatile claim to operators is the female portal, people can use the server to carry large program website, and ordinary webmaster is a virtual space rental. So the owners in the choice of space is very important, generally not recommended to support a variety of scripts running the website, but not to complex, the best choice of supporting only one language operation space, now I still recommend the use of php space, this is a big trend in the future, ASP will be a step out of.

two: Web site configuration, web site keywords, description is very important, and this is often overlooked, or directly copy other sites >!

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