51 school occupation home ants China SNS who can laugh in the end

51 user base data, said it has billions of dollars, and its brilliant point is that for the lack of interest in the city of two or three levels of hormone secretion exuberant children, provides a network entertainment city. Although the industry’s evaluation of 51 is complex, 51 is sure to make money because the Chinese are willing to spend money on the relationship between men and women. From Avatar to casual games, 51 of the pace is no problem.

campus users base of about 20 million, has swept the Chinese universities. Originally, they are the most like Facebook, but the name on campus will bind them for a long time and hinder them from setting up an off campus network. Barracks of the students, the school after graduating from school to go abroad? So, money is not difficult, it is difficult to return to scale


seat, will the wind gone, because the market has been the first university campus, really do not need second things to occupy, as like as two peas two? And the seat always love to make simple things complicated.

at home, all of China’s SNS users experience the best one, IT white-collar is its core users, from the value of investment to do white-collar market points. If you don’t make mistakes, the domestic market is promising, because of the need for such a mature real social network.

The development of

ant is finally on the SNS striking one snag after another, on the road, but just get lost. Its slogan is to Bo Friends, blog import is its characteristics, there are major BSP suspects. Ants have been advertised in the past to explore the social business route has been drifting away, the reason is very simple, business and blog is basically two groups. The target group positioning ants are still vague, uncertain.

SNS business model is not complex: identify your target customers, and let them build a deep relationship, but also to help you build channels, and then large-scale distribution of products or services.


Zheng Min: a researcher on human travel behavior, an outdoor travel consultant, an Internet professional.

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