How to let the grassroots webmaster website when my hair achieves waist length

how to evaluate the success of a website, each grassroots webmaster has different standards, of course, using value estimation site is a more common way, such as the value of this site, how much money and so on. At present, Baidu, Ali group, the Tencent to enclosure on the Internet, they think I began wantonly acquisition of various sites, various venture companies also on the Internet looking for a potentially valuable website, webmaster website if get VCs favor, or to Baidu, Ali, Tencent under the door, also was successful however, you want to make your site to achieve "when my hair achieves waist length" state, can not be


"when my hair achieves waist length" and last year’s "Yuan Fang, what do you think", almost overnight became popular in the network, the network buzzwords hot, and "Yuan Fang, what do you think", "when my hair achieves waist length" seems to have a lot more poetic, with more meaning. It is reported that, "when my hair achieves waist length" from a study at the University of Cambridge of China handsome boys & girls, under an obligation to help a domestic company to make international lawsuit, two people posted in two different intimate photos, two photos of the biggest difference is the heroine’s hair long, so someone for this photo with poetry: you accompany me from long hair bobbed hair to the waist, so I accompany you from pure sentimental to calm certainty. And comment: when my hair achieves waist length, will you marry me young man?

this is the beginning, "when my hair achieves waist length" into the latest network popular in inadvertently, a positive or inspirational spoof, also sad, many users were surprised to find that the long hair and waist of the rich connotation can be infinitely extended, extended to personal feelings and life, of course can be applied in all walks of life! So, grassroots webmaster treat their website as "long hair", "how to make the long hair and waist"


from the physical point of view, all human hair, hair length, under normal conditions, the hair every day can be 0.3 mm long, 1 mm for 3 days, one month to 1 cm long, about 13 centimeters a year, if the long hair and waist, probably at least have to to more than 50 cm, it takes about 4 years or so


in reality, "the long hair and waist" women are not uncommon, but there is a beautiful black haired woman is less and less, why? Because it is need to ensure the hair length, but also to ensure the hair brightness and purity is not a simple thing, to choose a good conditioner, to know some hair, for hair patient care every day, do to fight a protracted war, it is the female especially married women, because of birth, breastfeeding, need to age and give up long hair, "in short, long hair and waist" is not easy


if their website as growing hair, so how to make the final growth for the beautiful black long hair? First of all to ensure a healthy state of mind if you do, then, even if the website distractions, insist on doing a lot of years, because of the complex of seven.

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