Advantages of website construction for enterprises

is the first Internet has all of the text, picture, color, film, three degrees space, virtual reality and other media advertising function, through it, so that customers can easily see the company introduction, product description, service mode, contact address, and you can add sound, pictures, animation and video information, to achieve real and to establish a good corporate image.

second customer market and every corner of the world, whether you need or not, you will find online customers may come from all over the world. In Northern Jiangsu, a company providing dehydrated vegetables has received several orders from overseas customers. Overnight, it became " international " the company.

third provides instant business information, catalogues, advertising, marketing, and more. Many companies in order to update the contents of advertisements and catalogues, and printing fee need to spend a lot of manpower, and once the data is put on the page, not only immediately appeared " ", started to take effect, more can be updated at any time, correction, saving time, saving manpower and cost of printing large.

fourth advertising and marketing of low cost, compared with other advertising media, the Internet can cost very low, compared to the printed catalogue and television advertising, the cost is more insignificant, and the Internet advertising area to every corner of the world extends.

fifth: reduce the company " pre-sales and after-sales service " operating costs, the traditional " pre-sales and after-sales service " is the staff to answer the phone, may cause human error, delays in business opportunities. But on the web, can provide a carefully designed " often encounter problems, the solutions of " " " and " commodity note;; guide to using " and other information, so that customers can store or print on your computer is fast and convenient.

sixth can bring advertising, marketing and order into one, contributing to the purchase intention. On the Internet, you can design purchase orders, allowing customers to select, print, order, complete, send back, or send directly online, to provide customers with faster and more direct channels of purchase.

seventh offers all-weather advertising and services without additional expenses. The maintenance and operation of the web site will be handled by the Internet service company, with professional design of computer software, 24 hours of automatic processing of information, statistics and archiving, without increasing the operating or personnel costs of the enterprise itself.

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