Local website 15 days to earn 5000 yuan experience

local talent network project, I believe that the operation of personal webmaster has many, conditional I suggest applicant company to operate. Earn no money, we search all over the talent network, you can see Baidu, the former are promotion links. If you do not make money, who will do promotion, you can imagine things. Today is April 7, 2010, I was in March to enter the talent network project, although the site has only more than a month, has earned more than 5000 yuan, it is a small achievement. Here to share my experience in building. Because I have a local domain name www.463000.cn, this domain name is good, 463000 is Zhumadian (my test area) the area code, so use this domain name to have brand effect. My promotion mainly has two parts:

online promotion: online promotion I mainly do is Baidu ranking, because of the poor can not afford to do my bidding, where there is a promotion of the city has been done for, even if the auction is not interesting, but we are individuals, the promotion of cable under the clerk in the run, people is the company operation, our personal ratio can not afford. I also use ordinary webmaster often used is Baidu domain optimization, because we have two years of history, and the domain name is the region code, so the weight is very high, and the local competition is not too fierce, so I just spent ten days to do Baidu second, now search for "Zhumadian talent network" is second.

: offline promotion and business promotion company to find different, we don’t have the capital to go to the recruitment of sales promotion, but also can not wait for it, after observing the same site, the same site price is 2000 yuan / year VIP membership fee, I began setting is 600 yuan / year, which has a certain advantage to the customer. In addition, business clients are allowed to view only 10 resumes. If they want to see more resumes, they will call the station owner and then start the business. Other brand promotion, I arranged in the urban areas of high traffic areas, posted small ads, of course, is to pay attention to advertising, as I posted in the public WC in advertising is "to a small step, a step of civilization, following the fine print on job recruiters 463000.cn& quot, this kind of promotion; to be 3158 business network promotion slogan, someone asked why not say the name, as we all know, the Internet now the same site too much, take the Zhumadian talent network keywords, the name of the site there are dozens, if Kamina Ko is equal to others to fill in the advertising promotion, what do you think? My advertisement see a certain effect, is not much chance of Chengguan tear. Whether it is WC, or some other public places can be extended, such as a small household of three thousand people, I find the district security, said to them for free to get a "no admittance" brand of plastic, they quickly agreed to, also we can play on our web site, imagine a community of 3000 people at least 500 people, the Internet bar, this promotion is very effective.

concludes, "I’ve written it."

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