A month of pursuit Baidu finally see me

do not know how to write, literally write his own station was Baidu re included. I do not know what the Baidu fell into the circle, and their three stations have only been included in a page does not move, and continued this situation has been a month. The three stations are: www.56tudoutv.cn potato network, TV drama, www.qq206.cn, QQ space, message code, www.toopai.cn candid camera network. Now the first stop has been re started by Baidu, writing about why Baidu doesn’t accept it.

1. repeat too many keywords: three stations have such a situation, repeated too many keywords, remember to read an article is to write a new station, can’t over optimize, may be counterproductive. Was not aware of this, he repeated too many keywords, cannot say optimization, I do not understand to SEO at all, is the beginning of thought more repeat keywords may rank higher, I know I was wrong.

measures: three stations are re engaged under the title, try not to reduce some keywords, and now the main problem is not optimized, and included.

2. chain: the first and third stations outside the chain is relatively small, and the second is the main Links problem, at the beginning of the connection too many non similar station, Baidu included the first received more than 20 page, second days on the page directly, may be the problem.

measures: add a few related groups, try to find some of the same kind of links, slowly.

3. Original: all say now do standing, the most important thing is the original problem, may own station is basically copy. The first movie station, the original difficult to say nothing, and the second did not get the original problem.

measures: candid camera network all the articles emptied, ready to re add pictures, and pictures localization, hoping to do it.

read a word, Baidu seems to be a great beauty, everyone to pursue her, because too many people, one day she decided to put all the information to take over, check again, reply to you for half a month. The first sight on the included, the first glance can not see the direct PK off.

write their own experiences, personal opinion.

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