114 open source can really make grassroots webmaster benefit

once, he wrote an article on the 114 article, that is an analysis of 114 why successful Article 114, successful revelation, now 114, the use of open source event, once again set off a frenzy of speculation, also can let the spread of open source web site intends to build grassroots station long benefit, 114. Open source can really make grassroots benefit? If I dare not agree.

Before the

114 open source, an imitation 114 website source code: MySites, I believe there are built the site through the webmaster friends know this website source code, the source code is free, I had purchased, is also used, but its customer service service. With 114 official words, they open source, that is, will make long-term imitation, copy 114la.com and profit for the Shanzhai site legalization.

After the

114 open source, I have downloaded 114 source code to install, 114 team and I think, should be a very good team, but in 114 the installation process, after seeing the installation instructions, I feel very disappointed, the installation process it really mountain village no, even better than mysites. Perhaps it is because of their team technology well, in their eyes the installation process may be very simple, super simple, but I like these don’t know PHP rookie, that is quite complex, I spent a good long time did not understand how to install. The installation process is so complicated, I believe that there is a considerable part of grassroots webmaster can’t use 114 source, therefore, the official talk of "the first to make the grassroots webmaster to get rid of the difficulty of choosing the site included bound, just according to their own need to use a little modification to solve easily, so as to save a lot of cost management also, without consideration of technical support problem" has become an empty word, a wishful thinking, if really want to help the webmaster friends, in the hope that the authorities can hold the lofty ideal for the webmaster for the gospel, and further improve the installation program.

in addition, 114 open source, it is only to open? In the NetEase of science and technology of an article in a press "114 open source will wash site navigation market?" in an article, "recently, the domestic well-known navigation website" 114 "" announced the opening of navigation program source code, this is a stone arouses Melaleuca, news of the street, immediately caused heated debate in the industry. 114la.com, a web site that is second only to hao123.com and 265.com, has quickly become the center of the conversation." After reading, I believe we all know 114, why open source

!Familiar with

114. The rapid development of the people know, is inseparable with the popularity of GHOST ylmf disc, the copyright problem is becoming more and more strict today, using the XP operating system. This station promotion has not used, they had to find a new way of publicity, to find new speculation mode, so it there is a open source.

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