AD what’s up ‘m here to send AD

          do a few years, the site is not big, but I firmly believe I can do big, because I persistent, because I work hard. Often bubble in the major forums to learn, but also often go to major forums and websites to AD. I feel this should be normal too.

recently read many articles, very impressed, especially in the winter of the Internet, as the most basic grassroots webmaster, may die run the fastest, in the real society, money is not the highest, but the survival around a web site. Traffic is not paramount, but it directly determines the profitability and foundation of a website.

as webmaster of us, should be more pragmatic. In ADmin5, many articles are also referred to as soft, there seems to be opposition, I wondered, how soft, how AD, this is a matter of shame? I don’t want people to send you the text, what made the Government Gazette? I love to see is experience and skills of the no, this kind of article, a soft case that I don’t want to see it, the empty theory, boring policy the article you love? Do you want to see some is not practical, the authenticity of the article? The people get a URL, a URL is not normal. Even if it is to be soft, it should be, who do not want to promote? I want to hang the Baidu home page Hao123, then I have to hang up?! in fact maybe a lot of people like me, you have to be the stationmaster is to promote Next, come to want to psychology point, take in hand, can not walk empty handed, before go, also corner, in the courtyard leave a dot AD. Did you see the major scenic spots are leaving of calligraphy and painting. Since ancient times, the AD is as unalterable principles. Just a few people got the lead, AD. Mentally depressed.

AD was innocent, and the criminal was the one who looked at AD. Is the webmaster will not AD, equal to disability, or is not a responsible webmaster. Because you do not hang on your website in psychology. There is a story, middle school teacher, in my psychology for 10 years, today to find out, to share with us a Standard Oil Corporation called Burt clerk, did not cause particular attention. His dedication is especially strong, and he always pays attention to maintaining and publicizing the reputation of the enterprise. Travel in a hotel can not forget to write under his signature "of $four a barrel of oil standard", in a letter to a friend or relative, even in the play receipt, the signature will not forget to write the words. To this end, colleagues called him "four dollars per barrel."". This is the company’s chairman Rockefeller know, he invited a Burt dinner, and called on the staff to learn from him. Later, Burt became the second chairman of the Standard Oil Corporation. This is probably the highest point in AD. Maybe we don’t AD this achievement, but AD is not guilty.

"don’t be good"

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