A web editor’s Web Knowledge Growth

I’m just a little girl who’s just graduated from college. In school is journalism, but because the media threshold is too high, my feet seem short, so little, but beyond the threshold. So, from time to time to find a pharmacy enterprise network department, do network work.

as 80, surfing the Internet is a common occurrence. But the real network for knowledge, can only stay for a while to shame. Fortunately, there is the boss’s careful teaching, as well as my infinite love of the Internet, let me such a piece of white paper slowly dyed with color. The following is my months of work experience, cheek out to show oneself, also please exhibitions.

first learn to read the source code,

I just surf the Internet and never really think about how every page I’ve seen has been built. Later, it was found that programmers need to type one letter symbol into the source code to form a web page. HTML, the language for writing web pages. That’s the first thing I need to know. The HTML language is made up of markup (Tag), and the function of the tag in HTML is to control the entire page of the page, and the user can use the existing tags to achieve the basic page effect. Very hard to invest, chew a few days of the book, and finally read the basic syntax of HTML, and at the same time I basically understand the source code of a web page. At the very least, when copying the content of a web page and being restricted by the right mouse, you know how to delete the source code that you want and successfully copy it.

secondly, master the method of network promotion

originally, I usually contact blogs, forums, mailboxes, etc., is one of the commonly used promotion techniques for some websites. Really do not learn, do not know, one school up one. Because of the lack of knowledge on the network, so the boss gave me a few webmaster network to study. I think the biggest gain for me is the Admin5 webmaster network. From the middle school to understand what is SEO, there are many advanced network promotion I have benefited from the wise remark of an experienced person. Then I started my website promotion plan: every week to build a blog devoted to a drug; in Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina asked people to help some patients to solve problems, and promote their own websites; of course, like now, in some large flow site replies, new theme. I know, these are some of the popular methods of promotion, and there’s still a lot to learn. For example, this keyword, but a profound study, now I only know fur, must also not good


again, build a small website

build a web site, which I want to master and learn most. My boss preached that I was going to be a small website. I was so excited, so I tried to do it well. Since the beginning, and the boss is busy, busy East Gu, so my network speed is slow. Now only preliminary planning and layout module, column setting, preparation of filling drug content data, and apply for the domain name, then the neck, waiting for the boss to remember.

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