Enterprise planning micro blog activities need to pay attention to what

company opened the official micro-blog marketing promotion is an important marketing way, of course, if just for advertisement, so micro-blog, the effect is certainly not good, even the fans are not the estimation of concern before the cancellation of patience on an advertising micro-blog account. So we need not only from the content to create novel and intimacy, occasionally able to plan some activities of micro-blog, this will attract the attention of the public, but also to allow more people to participate in and forwarding, for example of a mobile phone brand for the new product release campaign forward micro-blog access sweepstakes eligibility activities, the author found that many of my friends are forwarded, and of course the author himself forwarded it, certainly can not win the best winning, I also found a problem, is forwarded to this activity is very large. It can gather a lot of attention and popularity in a short time, and it can also enhance the interaction between enterprises and fans.

, of course, not to say that you can hold a micro-blog activities will be able to succeed, it also need some skills, with particular attention to some planning points, in addition we also need to continue to learn other people’s activity planning, the author compared some enterprises including micro-blog, Taobao clothing and cosmetics (this class is the largest, everywhere), digital products, furniture… From… Also summed up some things, and in this paper the author analysis, enterprises need to pay attention to what the problem in planning activities of the micro-blog


the first point: the activity rules are clear and clear,

micro-blog can also be said to be a good experience for the fast-food culture of the Internet era, the rapid dissemination of information and rapid reading is one of the important reasons why we love micro-blog, so be sure to pay attention to when micro-blog event planning business activities, to a simple point, also be very clear, not a long and minute statement described, who had time to read it slowly, only to describe the activities of concise and comprehensive rules on it, but also to participate in the activities of simple, or your activities rulemaking requirements are too high, estimates there are a lot of people just gave up. In addition we can micro-blog pictures, pictures, picture is more attractive, allowing fans to focus on the above, a better understanding of the rules and content.

second: there should be a proper reward for activities,

enterprise planning an activity in micro-blog, want to have a lot of fans to participate, then of course you need to have this reward, and before the activities of the forum and what are the same, need to have positive material rewards to excite the fans. Activity rules are simple and clear, and then send reward plus, so in micro-blog and forwarding activities of the people will be more, now many business activities are reward movie tickets or travel reward, of course, apple mobile phone, you can look at all this kind of award good micro-blog activities, forwarding quantity is especially high.


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