How to break through personal movie websites

Since the

copyright problems after the nature of the entertainment, many movies, music websites have been closed, I love, in addition to the movie content restrictions, used by visual, auditory or temptation movie station seems to come to an end for personal webmaster movie website seems to be more winter, absolutely is the cold winter. How does personal movie website break through? Personal movie website in small crevice how profit?


, how did the 1. personal movie website break through,


to write this part, I interviewed some of the new movie website personal webmaster, and the free movie website yqooo talk the most, say his site is rough, or without a design aesthetic taste, but his movie website updates very quickly, "confession", "battle of wits" I was in the movie to see him. Talk to the subject:

personal film breakthrough 1: the movie is not much, lies in the essence of

films are different from other, in a certain period of time, for example, this time the popular "confession", then you will find a confession of pain, this time the popular drama, the drama is Baidu keyword. So there’s no need to plug a lot of movies on the movie site. Seize the key, change at any time, the advantage is to reduce the amount of space occupied, with limited space and limited resources to the audience the most fast browsing speed, there is a benefit that create the illusion for members: the standing of the movie is to keep up with the trend, after seeing what new movies here.

personal film breakthrough 2: dispel membership

Although many

movie website provides free movies, but need to fill a lot of membership information, birthday, phone, and mobile phone! In addition to cumbersome, also don’t feel safe, if I simply do not see the movie, because the mood in the process of data is not complete. I suggest the individual movie station member to cancel membership system. Some people say that I rely on members to make money ha ha, now there are thunder download, QQLive, PPLive and other online players world, membership fee is difficult. Or some people say: "I rely on the temptation of the movie charges.". If you want to live a stressful life every day, and you want to step on the path of erotic June, then I say, "admire!".

personal film breakthrough 3: Film + film review + recommended

many movie websites simply put up a poster, not with the audience. My advice is to pop up a web page after the movie is finished, so that the audience can write about how it feels to see the movie. You can also open one on the home page: the audience recommendation column, let them in the selection of the film, the webmaster according to their recommendation to put the film, the advantage is that you can retain repeat customers, as well as my audience’s needs.

is written some ideas of how to break through to the personal film website I, I write about how to make money in the slit in the movie website.

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