From the perspective of nternet cafes personal web site of the plight of how much similar

last week, there was news about Internet cafes, and the Ministry of culture raised the threshold for Internet cafe chains. The Ministry of Culture issued a notice that the declaration of national Internet cafe chain enterprises should have "registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan, the number of directly operated stores not less than 30" conditions such as wholly owned or holding, the threshold is higher than the 2003 Internet application conditions, the policy will contribute to the development of the Internet more and more centralized, the previous single occupy Internet cafes the mainstream of the market will be out of the market. The new standard threshold was up and down, such as the Internet cafe chain enterprises, in the administrative area of wholly owned or holding the number of directly operated stores, by 2003 the provisions of not less than 10 down to 5, the threshold is decreased; as for the country or cross regional chain of Internet cafes, wholly owned or holding the direct request the number of stores by 2003 the provisions of not less than 20 to 30, the threshold is increased.

new standards show that the Ministry of culture has raised the threshold of nationwide Internet cafes and helped speed up the inclusion of a large number of individual Internet cafes. Prior to this, these individual Internet cafes due to uneven levels of management and accused, and even known as "black Internet cafes."". In fact, the Internet is becoming more and more centralized. In the past, the Internet cafes, which occupy the mainstream of the market, are slowly withdrawing from the market. Various measures have been introduced throughout the country to restrict the development of Internet bars. Such as the prohibition of new Liaoning monomer Internet cafe registration, Guangdong no longer single room Internet cards. Today, another news: CPPCC National Committee members: the closure of social networks, government offices, a total of Internet cafes. The NPC and CPPCC held soon, CPPCC member Yan Qi stunned the world: close all social Internet cafes, Internet cafes total government office. With respect to this proposal, Yan Qi will submit relevant proposals during the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year. "Internet cafes all kinds of social problems derived, has become a social problem, for ills, should take drastic action." All sorts of phenomena show, the development of Internet bar, especially the development of monomer Internet bar, already ended now, either by chain of Internet bar enterprise annex, or can only be killed by new regulation.

Internet cafe’s current situation, I can not help but think of the current situation of personal websites. Although they are different industries, the difference is great. But both are closely related to the Internet, and the current outlook is somewhat similar. Internet cafes and personal websites are growing and growing with the continuous popularization and development of the internet. Netizens are targeted users, relying on Internet users profit. In the process of development, a lot of problems have appeared and social contradictions have been aroused. Such as the proliferation of Internet cafes and mismanagement caused by the Internet addiction problems, Internet cafes to disseminate pornographic and illegal information. Internet cafes harm young and healthy development of physical and mental problems. The same is true of personal websites, and the proliferation of Internet pornography and illegal bad information is also condemned by society. Both because of the management and institutional problems, resulting in social and media, such as multi-party criticism. Now, because of the deepening of these issues, the relevant departments are introducing a series of new initiatives, new regulations for remediation. As mentioned above, new regulations on Internet cafes, as well as a series of network renovation from last year to date. Remediation is a good thing to be able to

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