Breakdown areas and local demand is the two major focus of the future transformation of the webmaste

November 22nd, A5 founder Wang in the QQ group launched a webmaster lecture: how to be a successful webmaster?. In Zaiqun graph king and the webmaster to share the experience of website operation for many years and realize their accumulation. The web site is to do what? What kind of site? How to do a website? Three aspects on how to be a successful webmaster do in-depth analysis, and the current owners of the environment, the future direction of transformation, to express their views, lecture by the majority webmaster enthusiastic response QQ group in a short period of time has been filled. The stationmaster also listened to the lecture carefully, enthusiastically asked questions and discussed each other, and launched a fierce collision of thinking.

personal Adsense industry today, simply relying on traffic to get advertising revenue era has gone forever. In the development of the Internet, the webmaster’s business environment has changed, speculation has been impossible; profits, opportunity basically tends to 0; illegal edge, is tantamount to death. In the past, simply by copying, relying on search engines, stations and garbage stations have no future. In the lecture, Wang also said, "99% of the websites are not computer majors, and even 95% have not been trained in computer science. They are all self-taught.". A new website, if not by copying the reference to other websites, it is difficult to understand the Internet and tangible website itself, only in the process of doing constantly break the past, constantly changing their learning and to grow. Do like swimming, you want to become a master, choking the water first plop jump, you also do not control this is what action, what posture, choking the water, you naturally have water, so in the absence of the website before, please don’t do in the old gestures, with the domain name space, or buy another station, take over the line. Now the filing is more complicated, in addition, search traffic is also getting smaller and smaller, so it is first suggested not to do too many sites, more than their own management efficiency, so it is difficult to profit. A person to do a 2-3 website, the website is good, but in the end, to be concentrated to 1, the earliest when I did not find the direction and goals, also made hundreds of websites, finally gave up all the interest in A5, and that lasted for 5 years and never in the future, familiar with the basic operation or website has been operating over a period. The site should be started on the right track."

really stand groups and garbage stations, personal Adsense must experience and try the first step, but ultimately in the transformation and upgrading and lay the groundwork for bedding. Personal Adsense finally want to consider, or how to let your website on the right track, how to concentrate on operating a web site, and bigger and stronger, have their own products, to create their own services. In the lecture, there is a webmaster asked a dumpster, 200IP day rely on what money?. There are also webmaster asked to do the local station, is a district has hundreds of thousands of population area, but now I can’t find the website, can give the net friend what kind of value

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