Share the successful application for Baidu web promotion experience

my Qionghai information online, in January this year started, when on-line tepid, not put advertising alliance ad code, as Baidu web promotion does not want, but in the new year, then focus on the promotion, also sent a few heart station, then the site in a short period of time with the upgrade, Baidu also included my site every day.

is that when I choose to put Google’s ad code, because I think that Baidu was above my station, and Google earned dollars, Baidu earn RMB, the high price of Google advertising pairing, so I didn’t want to apply for Baidu web promotion.

however, about the recent "Google out of the mainland market China" things we should all know, do believe that many webmaster many are by putting advertising alliance to maintain website revenue, and Google Adsense is most webmaster preferred, but on the "Google out of the mainland market China" after the event, I also often see: Google Adsense price plummeted, the official Google advertising price is very low, even Google in Google’s own Adsense advertising.

based on the above reasons and the Qionghai information online growth, I decided to apply for Baidu web promotion, in order to prevent future advertising revenue is not stable, a rainy day.

said that Baidu now for web promotion before I are ready to do what.

seize the opportunity to update PR, exchange good quality links.

I think I just caught up with the PR update time, we all know that a recent PR update in the Tomb-sweeping Day day in Tomb-sweeping Day before I did and some PR at the same level or higher than my site exchange connection, Qionghai information online PR did not update before PR2, after the update is PR3, apparently the web site of the weight increase.

works hard to get local quality information

insists on updating the management website

every day

flow is stable after the start optimization content, there are people who come to Qionghai information online ads every day, some advertising does not conform to the rules, there is duplication, some illegal content, some people even 24 hours in group software in Qionghai information online advertising, so I set up the IP only to send advertising, and advertising review strict compliance with the provisions do not comply with the provisions must be removed, this website, "

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