The 4 step is to build a complete corporate website


enterprise websites should be designed has been a topic shared by executives of various enterprise networks and network company designers. How to layout, how to arrange the content? All of these need careful consideration, enterprise e-commerce marketing is a "benefit type website" has, what is the benefit of the website? This is Yang Fan (Yang Fan) master a website concept put forward, before I know the website is a "marketing concept what is the type of website, benefit type website? Here is not about learning details, interested friends can go to Yang Fan’s blog:" your website is now benefit website? ", since the site is so important that how to do


, one of my clients today gave me a simple answer to the problem and thanked her very much.

, she gave me 4 questions:

1. what do we do,


2. what can we do for you,


3., how are we doing,


4., what’s the difference between us and other companies?

if a website can reflect these content, it is a complete website,

is very concise and clear, in fact, the 4 problems can be summed up as one website user experience (UE), the 4 problem is solved, that is to help visitors solve the problem.

1. what do we do? Ask the website for a brief introduction of the business, culture, organizational structure, sales network, honor, vision, etc.;

2. what can we do for you? Ask the website to show the products and services, the detailed description of the products (instructions, parameters, functions, how to use them, etc.), what services are available before and after the sale, etc.;

3., how do we do? Ask the website for a clear example of some successful cases, such as the use of your company’s products to achieve what kind of function, effect, show some big customer information, etc.;

4., what are we different from other companies? This requires detailed analysis of competitors’ companies and websites, so that he does not have me, he has me, he is strong, I am clever, etc.,

by the above analysis, to do a complete corporate website, is really need to spend some time and experience, but if you want to successfully operate a website, these problems must be considered! Hope this article is helpful for those who consider the enterprise website how to build


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