The development of China’s e commerce needs the promotion of star brand

around the world, all kinds of e-commerce website forms, both All flowers bloom together., tolerance is large, and the precise vertical type. Not only the professional website more traditional industries emerge in an endless stream, or, for a time, the tide of e-commerce booming into the Chinese full of opportunities and challenges of the soil up to.

e-commerce is developing rapidly, the thunder’s ears, for Chinese, from there must be a process of enthusiasm once strange, too fast, go too quickly, Chinese is a special country, enter any emerging industry have to think twice, do not meet the situation of our country is not Chinese make the left is made right, not the status quo analysis China do not understand the Chinese character, Chinese will not buy your account, not local people, foreigners even not, why some foreign companies than the state-owned enterprises more competitive in the Chinese, to have ample funds, two in some respects, they are more willing to understand China the market, pay attention to Chinese psychological.

Chinese e-commerce is beginning from copy, but they copy very hard, in foreign countries, in the developed capitalist countries, their information flow, capital flow, logistics, very complete, very easy to handle, even so, in the Internet every winter approaching, there is still a large number of e-commerce companies to escape unscathed Chinese. E-commerce company, the most successful and influential is to gather the information flow for a living, so most companies once the collapse is nothing more than in the treatment of capital flow and logistics problems falling risk. And determine the status of the China e-commerce company also faces a major problem is how to solve the issue of integrity. The problem is that all Chinese blushing thing, from the seller to the buyer send a fake; the buyer receive the goods that have not received; and so on problems exposed, Yi Xiao big Party. You may say Chinese, it might say. Chinese still can not accept this kind of consumption style, but not all of the integrity of the system or social problems after all set up, so a bit far. But you should understand that once the integrity of formation of a wind gas, say such business model that is, communism will follow.


was struggling with excellence and Dangdang, Ali will see this point, launched TrustPass, launched Alipay, Ma Yun said Alipay is to solve cash flow problems, in my opinion, the key to solve Alipay or credit problems. Ma Yun saw the key to success in the nature of the problem, the key to the shortcut in find the key, in constant innovation.

B2C why is it so hard to do? Because it is the difficulties faced by all accumulate in the body, not crushed to death. Also from the current view, Ali has completely occupied the field of belief in a few years, because they can achieve effective integrity over, they trained a large number of loyal users, so to MA in it, there is reason to believe that to be successful. It confirmed my following this view: e-commerce in the development of benign Chinese, must require the star company led


my so-called star company, >

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