User experience of network copy

many people may think that the so-called network copy but is to write a good article, express meaning, and then released to the Internet site is good, whether it will give users what feelings are of no great importance, that text is like this, the user can not see, how to have none of my business. But in fact, no matter what stage of development of the Internet, the network copy will have an important impact on the Internet products and each enterprise, after all enterprises are more and more from the Internet, and presented to the first user interface on the Internet, often also cannot do without the network copy, even if it’s just a simple with a text advertising map, is the network copy, especially now network public relations crisis become more frequent, more need to pay more attention to the user experience in copywriting, in order to truly ease the enterprise public relations crisis, to establish a good image of enterprises and products in the majority of users.

first of all, the design of network copy interface. A lot of people will think that network copywriting has no need for interface design, just put text on the network, and then users read it, there is nothing to consider. But in fact, the network copy has the skills that can not be ignored in the visual and display position. For example, the network copy in many forms in the user interface, for example, in the window, text, buttons which are connected to the Internet copy, even in the user interface button with a word is. Also, the network copy since it is presented on the Internet, you need to display in the appropriate location on the network, in the end is on the web page or the content page is displayed in the upper left corner and lower right corner, which need to design according to the user’s reading habits.

secondly, the network copy should pay attention to the user’s inner feelings. The ultimate goal of the speed of the user experience in order to have a more profound understanding of products and services, so in this process would need to let users more confidence in the products and services, such as security, positive energy and encouragement. As shown in Figure 1, an active booking of millet, where users of the phone number were declared, so that users can think that privacy will not be too much threat. At the same time, the network copy on the user’s comfort of encouragement is also indispensable, now there are many online sweepstakes, electricity providers, WeChat and so a lot of the network lottery emerge in an endless stream, but we also know that these sweepstakes, more than 95% of the people are not in a prize, this time when the user draw after the failure the interface of the prompt, need to carefully plan, or to a user, the second will not return. For example, figure 2 is the official website of millet order return SMS tips, a look will make us feel like a little emotional things inside, but also can understand the meaning of this relatively simple, straightforward expression more flavor.


diagram 1


diagram 2<>

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