Do web site to catch a early

, it’s been two years since we started doing it. Because of the lack of knowledge and experience, we seldom send articles on the internet. But the webmaster home page article, I must see every day, what difficulties, always on Adsense search. Recently, several Agricultural Bank of China MM came to the unit to pull us to do "civil service card", in a detailed understanding of it, just know that this "civil service card" is actually a kind of credit card. So I have a lot of interest in credit cards. I want to make a website with the credit card as the theme. Coupled with the previous experience, (Baidu) is included in the reduction, we must find a new site direction. So I took the "credit card" as the theme, and immediately applied for the domain name (

hey, speaking of domain name, I also experienced a detour, always want to register in accordance with their results, neither fish nor fowl, one day in the Baidu search for "experience", you see, the row in front of the website with the domain name what features? Oh ~ ~ is actually a lot of Pinyin, and SEO tutorial all told, but I do not pay attention to, so this time I chose "credit card pinyin" "". With the choice of the domain name, you may want to scold me, why ah wide of the mark is not urgent, immediately start?.

first, think early. Now many friends like to do popular, for example, before I do model station, is chasing hot. But such a station is now too much, and most of them are collected and released, search engines are very offensive, whether it is included or consolidate traffic, are very difficult. At this point, we have to look for those obscure content to do, which requires us to use the development of vision to look at the problem, only in the competition less space, it is easy to win.

second, early deployment. Here to talk about the deployment, in fact, is the planning and promotion of the site, if it is an old hand, here do not read. This is a suggestion for the novice, do point in time, must choose their own familiar tools such as CMS, DEDECMS and PHPCMS move easily, and so on, so that you can easily on the site to express their ideas, not to waste time on learning template production. With thinking, you should immediately deploy the site layout, website content, site name, website server, website publicity and promotion measures, it is best to set a timetable for yourself.

  third, act early. It has been said that failure is the mother of success, but I think the action is the mother of success, whether it is a good idea, must also be confirmed by the practice. Dear netizens, in fact, you have a lot of good ideas in mind, but can not linger, always doubt yourself, I can do it? Please believe yourself, you can certainly. The key is to think early, deploy early, and act early. The early bird catches the worm。 Oh, ~~~



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