Great products only have one button The fate of the Home key is not a big problem at all

Home key is the fruit powder used to show the extent of their nouveau riche just need. At least in China, or otherwise entangled in the fate of a Home, it is better to tangle screen size and cell phone color?.

compared to the volatility in the stock market, recently from iPhone rumors, but also stimulate the fruit powder – Apple may debate on the iPhone hardware is simplified. Apple designers are looking to integrate touch and display chipsets on iPhone screens and may also add fingerprint recognizers. If the news is true, then Apple will have the opportunity to remove the Touch ID sensor from the Home key, or even remove the Home key itself.


Home key if delisting, then iPhone is not and Android brothers become good base friends?


great product has only one button,

of course, all of this is just a trend or may only, although many predictions about Apple products are true, but if you see every day will be a new set of Apple broke the news at the time, you will find the octopus Paul eight different orientation of the antenna, one refers to the direction, will become the prophecy God


strong and faithful fruit powder also a quotation from Jobs: the great product is only one button. Because Jobs thought: "if you want to make the user interface beautiful enough, you should use a button to complete all the tasks."." To this end, there are good people also conducted an online survey, the results of 60% users are opposed to cancel the Home key.

the truth right enough? If a person’s can determine a product life of the same insist, he the God of the Godhead may be too tall. Because of the powder’s experience, there is a Home key is to let everyone love hate entanglements.

benefits not elaborate, because Jobs has said; the downside is also needless to say, why we are addicted to the use of AssistiveTouch (virtual Home key), this is the disabled design good Dongdong, but also shows the physical key always has life, but only one, too expensive, and too often wear out.

of course, I prefer that the Home key is to give up a lot of users in most operations, in fact is that everyone’s love for iPhone, this is not going to at least according to Moore rhythm to love for mobile phone.

however, this does not have eggs……

will be another little red dot,


many people entangled in the fate of Home, the advantages and disadvantages between technology and characteristics of the design difficulty, human engineering and Apple’s various patents when actually forgotten a bit, one and another apple not much relationship >

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