5 years of my 5 years webmaster life

university is the major of computer science and application, now also did not want to know is a kind of luck or misfortune; and the Internet was just the first job just graduated from the University for 03 years, when the software is made in a state-owned enterprise in Xiamen; at that time it’s no exaggeration that Chinese three Internet only in Xiamen City, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen; visible Internet atmosphere of Sheng, then a lot of well-known Internet companies and personnel from Xiamen; China station hooligan, 520.com, resource of top-level domain name providers, Cai Wen Sheng and his 265.com, and many well-known IDC; and then the first personal webmaster are held in this beautiful city, this beautiful garden city, the development with too many people and businesses to the Internet China a glorious page.

Several colleagues around

in external live help a well-known IDC development background, but also has its own website; but also hold now is still very valuable domain; even made some very famous sites do not know to cherish, then expired domain name and give up; now do people do things working technology too little has been done; in software, do the Internet nature be nothing difficult to take advantage of free time; registered the domain name www.xiaowaiwai.com, started a joke entertainment station; there is a small story, the beginning also used the domain name www.xiaoyy.com later felt good enough to give up; the foreign professional website website history;

Web.archive.org history of

web site

should be registered in 2005 April domain name, at that time using the ASP+ACCESS program, unlike now there are a lot of CMS can be used, all the background and front desk programs are written by themselves.

site’s first version of

in May 2005

, look at the website below. Maybe you should remember:

site’s first relatively complete version of

in May 2005

at that time you can also see that I am content and community model, the effect is good, but also began to do online movies and video, taking into account the interaction and upload content of Internet users. The video sites at that time, such as Youku, KU6,6, Tudou, and so on, did not even exist, and even these ideas did not exist.

The Baidu

is very good to me, soon included, because there are many original content website keywords row on the first page, the flow soon after 1000IP, remember the first time 1000IP specially screenshots do memorial; but now the picture can not find to laugh; YY, I regard it as his girlfriend. OK, son, friend, be free to update and disseminate, ha ha, you are almost the starting process; soon also have the effect, a lot of people to my website judges the ten funny website; you can in Baidu search.

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