Buy website how to undertake website analysis one understand group buying website characteristic


this is a very realistic problem, the domestic group buying websites mushroomed, homogeneous and fierce competition. Good site data analysis, and constantly optimize conversion rate, is one of the required internal strength of enterprises. It’s a subject that puts pressure on me. Because not only the subject itself is very specific, but my idea of doing this series is to put aside the methodology, write from the point of view of the implementation, write down the code, and manipulate things from the A-Z.

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from SEMWatch in Beijing. The butcher got me doing this series of ideas, to the real pen have a month. Finally decided to write, on the 10 to Lyon to participate in the directional crossing of the train. When looking out of the window is pulled thin scenery I know waiting for me in front of 2 days will be carrying more than 10 kilograms of luggage non-stop down the mountain to find the arduous journey point; when the line of sight back inside the car to open this subject notebook to write down I know what is waiting for me in front of the challenges and risks? Of course I know, then let them go and welcome questions and opinions! (also welcomed the work in the company of friends of your group purchase demand and case, through the comments or via email: hailongxia AT

temporary directory (the parts that might be written are changed at any time)

1- preface

The features of

2- group buying website

3- data requirements and tool requirements

, 4-, If, Google, Analytics, tracking, plan

Transformation analysis of



6- advertising and traffic source analysis

7-, CRM, Analytics, especially mail marketing,

8- Behavioral Targeting

9- dynamic report sample


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2- declare: "day bank does not have the experience that buys a website in the job, have the suspicion that armchair talks,


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4-: according to the U.S. mission network, handle network and Gaopeng

5- extensions: semwatch on the collection of content highlights, including Gaoge and yesweet analysis,

The features of

group buying website

compares with other website, buy a group website below a few characteristic is the problem that we can not avoid when doing website analysis:


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