Female stationmaster’s sad history what’s left of me

A few days ago

with this topic made in an article that was said to be speculation, it is said to be soft, is to provide more help to me, what I can’t explain to the website, I have not learned to hype, do not mix so far.


website has been for a long time, really tired, now traffic is very small, there is no clear, even busy graduation exam, have a big head, today a friend said to me SEO, I really have no time to busy this, this is not 3 days to two learn something.

and friends and I said: "in China webmaster net saw your article, don’t know is hype or what?". But still have to warn you a word, people live for decades, some things should give up, must give up, and some things should strive for, must strive for. Boyfriend, no more, you can find, and if the school is gone, it is a lifetime thing. Think it over yourself, · finish your studies carefully. Go on and on your life…… Consider for a long time, may find themselves not suitable to do, everyone has their own direction in life, everyone wants to pursue their own ideals, looking at a dormitory for students admitted to the graduate students, there is a kind of unspeakable pain, you should also continue to study in the University, read on life is always my dream, so I decided to give up the site, a year of hard to test students looking for work, I have no courage to resume my head, the station (www.drr520.cn) do not know to have friends, I know not how, but it cost me too much, a little off unfortunately, if a friend can also feel, please contact me: qq594998744, how much money can you look for, also hope to have a friend to help If You Are The One, reproduced, transferred to others as soon as possible, no time management, six The month is about to answer.

finally thank Webmaster Station to provide me with this platform, but also thank you for my friend’s help, I believe I will come again next year, and I want to make the site

well, because I just give up for a while and I’ll be back.

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