Before the promotion of thinking your product is qualified

our products if you want to occupy more market share, usually need to achieve promotion, but in the promotion before inspection thought our products can withstand the market and users? If we vigorously to promote a defective product, so most users will only attract a look to meet curiosity, they will not leave and become loyal users, so the product promotion, a defective product is largely futile, but before a product promotion, pondering whether the product defects have become a crucial step, the author discusses how to work together with you whether evaluating a product can withstand the test of the market.

stability: will your product continue to operate,


, many articles have mentioned the importance of stability, and here I am going to make a long winded speech. Is an Internet product, stability refers to the following aspects: server stability, regularity and stability of product update performance, generally speaking, that is our product or web site to ensure that whenever you use or access, and our products to ensure the regularity of the content and the updated version. Instability will let users tired and eventually abandon our products, more deadly point is that instability will cause our website even dropped by K in the search engine rankings, believe that the webmaster for a deeper experience.

on the site as an example, to create a relatively stable website, we must start from the server this step, in the deployment of a good web server, we can load on the website of the pressure test, test sites can limit the number of load, once our users approached the limit is to increase the bandwidth and server. In addition, in the process of doing the station, we must force the objective factors of the outside world, we must maintain the status of open web site, if qualified webmaster can rent more servers to do backup and data backup. In operation, we want to ensure that our website has new content every day to provide users, in this regard, the author will not wordy, I believe that the webmaster in this regard, experience is relatively deep.

empathy: is your product attractive to you,


very important point is whether the product is attractive to the user, this is related to our products can move users. The easiest way to check is our empathy, starting to experience the product from the user’s point of view, if we do not even want to use the product, how to expect users will use hell-bent? Empathy approach allows us to find insufficient product from the user’s point of view, in order to improve these deficiencies before the release of the product, is the best way to carry out online inspection of product defect.

constantly thinking that we can continue to find problems and improve the products, the only way to make our products more perfect, in addition, in the promotion of our products to our customers, we should be more.

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