Enhance user experience from detail to help users save time

Internet products have a very important goal is the pursuit of a good user experience, and to all the users, the most valuable and the time of users, especially in some western countries, many things are more important than time. There are many Internet products, users use one or more times, and then no longer use, because the time spent on this product is too much, and even affect the user’s life and work. A small detail above an ordinary website can affect a user’s good experience because of wasting time. Therefore, in order to enhance the user experience, we should start from the details, to help users save time.

first, the performance of the product can greatly save the user’s time. Now there are a lot of computer software, especially computer optimization software, will be at boot time in the lower right corner of the taskbar pop-up boxes a display boot with a long, this is an example to enhance product performance. These software is also often Internet products, in order to maximize the user’s time savings, through technology to enhance the performance of PC, in the boot to reduce user waiting to bring a better experience to the user. This is why we often need to optimize the performance of the website, through the website optimization, website JS HTTP request or pictures to improve the response efficiency of the website, especially the website, the response time is one of the important factors in customer.

second, the time spent on the site’s code can not be ignored. The user in the verification code on the waste of time must not be less, because now almost all sites have the verification code mechanism, especially in order to automatically submit the request using the transition system verification code mechanism is the most websites. However, the problem is not here, but in the code itself is user friendly, really from the user’s point of view to design, as shown in the following figure, who can in 3 seconds directly see the first word is what. Therefore, in the system verification code, itself has been time-consuming verification code, no longer because of some of the reasons should not appear to waste the user’s time.

third, account verification information experience needs to be improved. Now many systems require users to register the password to uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols mixed, and must be greater than the number of bits can be verified, but this combination is not necessarily can sign the user’s memory habits, this is because users often forgot the password required to verify email, mobile phone, email and sometimes forget can not find a way to retrieve the password, which gives users the time waste is enormous, often make users crazy, at a critical time in addition, plus the login password after the wrong account is locked and problems are often seen. In fact, there is a solution to this problem. Why not system designers from another aspect to consider, it must be the size of letters and symbols is safe, I put the password into the middle of a sentence or phrase English separated by spaces, sentences are long enough, and this letter.

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