Experts suggest website SEO on the optimization of related links

we’ve learned that link factories are not working on site optimization, and using link factories, you’ll be punished in the search engine results page. But you also know that if you want to have a good location on the result page, you have to have links. Link Factory allows you to get a lot of links quickly, but most of them don’t relate; the related high quality links will eventually bring you more good stuff than the mass of junk links.

so how do you get the relevant links? There are a lot of articles on link building and link exchange on the SEOchat forum. If you want to have a good understanding of this, you’d better listen to the advice of Larisa Thomason, a senior network analyst at NetMechanic. When she first gave her advice in 2002, she had many connections with her. She stressed four points:

keep relevant topics and make sure that all the links on your site are relevant to your web page topic.

two is with a popular group. Search engines focus on the extent of the links, not just their numbers. "100 good internal links from popular web pages are much better than 1000 link factories that are made up of garbage sites," Thomason says."

three avoids automatic link generation. This doesn’t mean you can’t exchange links with other sites, but that if you exchange, don’t send automatically generated messages. Do research on other sites and make sure that you send a letter to the site asking for link exchange and also study your site.

four puts the links in the text. This will give you a welcome boost to search engine algorithms. As Thomason explains, "links to web content and keywords in web pages are more valuable than links to web pages that are exiled."."

if you want to boost the popularity of your site, don’t do it with a link factory. In that case, you will reap only the punishment of the search engine and angry visitors. Keep it real, make it relevant. Keep in mind that most valuable things, including good web pages, take time to enhance

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