6 years the road of the site didn’t make a stop to

02 years of the initial contact with the computer, I was the little city in Internet cafes are not many, the machine is not good, the Internet is also expensive. When it is started with the students in the past, look at others, I don’t know QQ chat, read more, think chat feeling pretty good, so I apply a QQ number to play. Just started playing quite a dish, open a web page does not stop at the link, never close the window, so often engage in a crash. After adding QQ, a Zhejiang MM, talk very speculative, then exchange the address to write to each other. From the beginning to the present, the past 6 years, has been linked with.

until two years ago, I still stay in the QQ or CS level, do not make progress. But because of playing QQ more, so often find some QQ related resources, at that time, often hear people say free brush member, three drill. What I am interested in this. So slowly mixed with " hacker " related forums. When there is a Guangxi hacker alliance, where the QQ resource update soon, where successful rushed several members of the free three drill. Have a great sense of achievement. One day, following the network warfare Links. I went to another forum, there are more points and rookie, I slightly more than most people understand something, there is a mixed one. The day after the administrator do often go to see some hacker " " black tutorial, several websites also Zhaomaohuahu. Internet cafes also stolen over the others QQ. slowly feeling I thought I was too much food. I had too much to learn. So I left the forum and started the process of doing my own station..

began when test data in the window for free space, with the PHPWIND program, in fact this is not " ", is at best in " ", learn how to build the forum. How to set up the forum, how to insert, how to modify the style and so on. A few days later, the first the forum also made up, very excited. That a lot of friends to give me support, my friends all got management. But it is not good for several days, free space is not good enough, often inexplicable hang. Started looking around for space to buy. When do not understand the virtual host space is tricky, anyway. Is looking for a cheap, cheaper and better. Finally someone opened a 150M, spent 200 dollars. With less than February, people go, the money has gone. Stand too. Oh, when the fight is not small, it is difficult to find the site for a long time I did not. Think about the site and indulge In the game,.

but I always not to give up, after a period of time and I think the game is really boring. Began again, " " this time I want a good, in fact, free space is stable, with a first application, the development of good business to buy the line. With this in mind, around the size of the site, registered a lot of ID, finally found a 62M free.

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