T will look for bright spot in nternet cold current

last weekend, the annual meeting of the two major media groups in the IT field has been held.

5, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID) organized by the China computer newspaper, CIO360 website, CCID Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese electronic communications industry newspaper, newspaper hosted the 2008 annual meeting of the information industry and economic Chinese. 6, CO sponsored by the SASAC research center and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China computer newspaper, CIO360 network and the specific network hosted the 2008 Annual Conference of CIO China enterprise informatization China person of the year "held.

6 -7 days, the computer world "hosted by the 2008IT NPC and CPPCC" held "China IT wealth (CEO) annual meeting" and "Chinese Chief Information Officer (CIO) annual meeting", "Chinese Internet Conference" and a number of forums have been held.

at any conference and forum, can feel the impact of the financial crisis on China’s IT industry, and the Internet has been affected more obvious. Computer World 2008 China Internet annual conference theme is "faith and persistence"".

in the main hall on the morning, although Li Song, Wang Zhidong, Lei Jun said there is little money, hope good investment projects, Tang Jun also said that next year will invest through Reentry Internet, but the new three years, three years old, sewing for another three years, "these are the same investor said, in the next period time, if the money can not be good, if there is no profit model reality good, want to let these investors difficult. But in the afternoon two sub forums, the luminescent spot is less.

SNS website profit critical line to see

in the computer world Internet forum annual meeting SNS the speakers, there are two companies worthy of attention: the cradle of treasure net, net, Internet brings new contact is also an important foundation of the two sites, but they are different with other companies, they have jumped out of the shackles of contact.

zhenai was named "2008 Chinese Internet the most valuable project award", the telephone and the Internet combined with the matchmaker, do an Internet platform with the traditional matchmaking service combination.

cradle network won the 2008 China Internet most potential project award". Cradle network vertical web site is located on a professional, seize the infant training, knowledge dissemination of this big market, from preparing for pregnancy to children six years of age during all aspects of knowledge, online services and product information, its revenue model for AD + education products online payment ", how to look with the traditional SNS very different. SNS has become a technological platform rather than a source of revenue, and SNS has become a bridge between users, experts, and expertise, not just the tools that connect users to users. And offline activities and cradle lecture hall are also important means of communication, and also form a unique competitive advantage of the cradle network.

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