A traditional clothing factory owner tells you how to transition good Taobao sellers orders

I dark horse: since the spring of 2013, we clearly felt the factory winter came, and until now, this chill has not receded. Domestic market by the impact of the network, substantial decline in physical orders, before moving tens of thousands, and thousands of pieces of big orders no longer appear. Domestic brands also played a defensive battle, the existing more active orders are network orders. However, due to the small amount, many factories have failed to make a successful transition and are afraid to contact such a small quantity order.

this is the current situation of our domestic garment industry, that is, many of our domestic garment factory owners face a big problem.

where is the garment factory order? How can the factory keep on developing? How to find the transition and how to receive the internet order?

following is a transition, successful traditional garment factory owners summed up the transformation experience. Summed up the following points for your reference, a clothing factory in order to successfully transition, we must have the following conditions:

one, the boss’s thinking to synchronize with Taobao

1, and accept the network communication: network communication is well documented, both sides promised something, you can through chat records to search. For traditional oral agreement and telephone communication, reducing the communication disputes between the two sides, but also improve efficiency.

2, accept online payment payment: Taobao customer used network through the network can complete the payment, bank and bank remittance, Alipay payment, credit card payment. The factory must support these payment methods, so that greatly enhance the efficiency of payment, there is evidence, the factory does not worry about not receive the money, customers do not worry about the factory do not pay the goods, the two sides of the funds are also guaranteed.

3, accept a small order: Taobao orders, the first single, the general amount is very small, once sold explosive, anti large amount of single, requiring shipments faster.

above, these three points are Taobao orders must have the hearts of the preparation, only the mentality of change, in order to truly cooperate with the good Taobao, Taobao customers receive orders.

two, to develop data collection habits, understand the rules of network sales

1, develop the habit of collecting and analyzing data: collect all the data of three party suppliers, such as fabrics, accessories, lines and so on, and make good records. Record when the first single material, with a long, cut to spend a long time, how long do the production, printing and embroidering do how long tail, check the goods to spend a long time, how long does it take to packaging. These should be made into the system data stored, in order to prepare customers at any time, anti single, contact suppliers, quickly arrange production.

2, should have the concept of time to remember the client’s instruction: Although we do not plant sales network, but every time we communicate with customers when he urged delivery will tell us what he is now on the activities of the stocking period how many days, how many days of delivery. We need to keep in mind the data that our customers sent us and evaluate what they give to customers

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