Four main reasons why blogs are not seen

blog online for a long time, why don’t people visit? For all of us, whether or not encountered such a problem? As the saying goes "people rely on clothes horse saddle", which is also the case for the blog, if the first impression you blog to people not how, then, your blog will not look, nobody ignores.

first, blog template is very dull, WordPress blogger told the author, "a lot of people used to use when looking template, is not to be changed, really make people depressed, the monotony of the template, making it difficult for you to remember your blog", in fact, there are many ways to do the appearance of blog small adjustments, if your blog template does not make any changes, then, will make people feel very professional, good template to, but don’t just ism oh.

second, the blog content is mediocre, is all trifles recorded this blog every day, of course, the life also is so, but if every blog is all other people cannot read the article right and wrong, insipid content is acceptable, if no value is the people who read the article. Someone else is not willing to visit your blog, just a waste of time, our content can be lackluster, but not let people cannot read the right and wrong.

again, blog advertising is flooding, a lot of people make money through the blog, this is not what to be blamed, but not so obvious, advertising not only makes people sad, and disturb others, put advertising no ground for blame everybody can understand that, but if you have a blog page, the article page, search all this is full page ads, but also in every place, not to mind taking the trouble during advertising, so that people can accept just anger + left.

finally, the blog speed is very Wohuo, open speed slow, who are impatient to open such a website, will only make people Speechless, unable to walk away, if it is to buy foreign host, we find that service quality and security, not to English classmates. Find a Chinese website like HostEase and Chinese customer service host, this will reduce the unnecessary trouble, don’t be tempted to buy cheap machine, a penny goods.

blog as long as a few seconds simply to attract readers, but for many people, they focus on not only is your language concise, more people will pay attention to the first reaction of your blog’s appearance, appearance is very important, make sure that your blog looks very perfect, it is a must.

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