Local Forum opened today PV has twenty thousand

was still fighting on the Internet at three or four in the morning. I didn’t feel sleepy. What I did was a local forum called star city online.

from the beginning of the 05 years, the government in the online class, then you do not understand the technology, still do not understand, I do is planning and news, a few years, the Regional Internet demand is relatively understanding, it is a continuous development of e-government, there is a great prospect, this one needs the second is to maintain the market; regional website needs of businesses and individuals, demand more and more obvious and intense. And the forum has been my leisure pastime and sustenance, and not too much utilitarian, this phenomenon has been going on for several years.

the beginning of the government website forum, but also by the use of spare time to forge self management, and thus held the first large-scale network of local party, had a lot of interesting stories, then together together, including the largest gathering, thousands of ginseng and is held in the square, candlelight blessing the party, for donation, but also touching the deepest.

but the forum was closed for a number of reasons and has been suspended for more than a month. Have waited too long, have stopped too long, a lot of expectations, many hope, perhaps again, perhaps again. The choice of the domain name, the negotiation of space, the construction of the website, the perfection of the details, the supplement of the function, and a rudiment, one of the most primitive appearance finally appeared. No value is not worth, only willing or unwilling. There are many interesting things in the world, people live in a world, if can love one or two of them, and to enjoy thinking and sorrow, is a kind of ultimate interest.

in the current situation, in the domestic environment, the forum is of different significance, the weapon of supervision by public opinion, the place for personal recreation, the platform of communication learning, the intermediary of information sharing…… Interactive, universal and entertaining than to win a chip on the website, website, global nature, timeliness of media and quick than many. The media, the forum, is also a media. It was the voice of the whole nation. This is valuable, but also interesting, as we read unofficial history, imagine those people at that time, but also a variety of space, to convey their happiness and sadness.

early in the morning, after the invitation code, after the phone, it was going to sleep, because to get up early. But the Sacred Dance, seven and domineering invitation after registration, found some problems, for example, can not upload avatar, Short Message open, the other night has been committed to the static pages, today finally ready, just put these details perfect once, found the article but no general rules for it, or simply come back tomorrow afternoon, the organizing committee has invited registration code in Xingcheng group sent, you can find them, you can find the registered members, they should be on the front page with the invitation code, the purpose of doing so is to cherish ID, can limit the same IP vest registration it is hoped that the first 100 registered members to invite such party "

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