Speeding up Production-Level NFV Deployments With Dell EMC and VMware

first_imgDell EMC and VMware are working together to reduce the risk for new CSP workloads adoption: Next Generation Access, Network Operations, OSS, Network Edge and 5G Networks. Each of these areas are going through disruption spanning architecture, technology, operations and workforce transformation. Dell EMC and VMware are combining efforts with several vendors, open source communities and standard bodies to take a leadership role in this journey to accelerate the transformation and adoption process.We are working with traditional Network Equipment Manufacturers, software-only vendors and System Integrators to validate these workloads on Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware. These collaborations result in completely tested and validated solutions with rapid deployment guides, scalability and sizing guide with benchmarking for accelerated quoting of the Build-of-Material along with worldwide deployment services from Dell EMC.  This provides a total care solution from Dell EMC based on the VMware vCloud NFV Platform.We have done the hard work by building a carrier-grade foundational platform to minimize adoption time and cost while significantly reducing time to service from months/weeks to days/hours. The Ready Bundle provides a single point of contact for total care from Dell EMC. Ease-of-ordering, ready-to-use customizable solutions for long life cycle support of all components is facilitated with seamless customer experience responsible for all components and world-class professional services to accelerate the adoption cycle.We look forward to becoming a partner to help facilitate the CSPs in their transformation journey. As the industry gets ready for MWC-Americas, we at Dell EMC have also been getting ready. At the event we will be showcasing our latest pairing with VMware geared for Communications Service Providers and Mobile Operators—our Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware. You might have heard that VMware is on a roll with a win @ Vodafone. The combination of the VMware software, vCloud NFV Platform, tested and validated on Dell EMC server, storage and networking infrastructure makes for a simplified solution to accelerate NFV deployments.The influx of new applications make mobile communications an essential element of our everyday life and businesses. However, legacy network infrastructure can’t keep up with the pace of change. The adoption of cloud services and the increasingly competitive landscape with Over-The-Top-Providers offering value-added services on traditional Communication Service Provider (CSP) infrastructure creates financial and operational challenges resulting in increased pressure on these service providers.Numerous technologies, open source initiatives, competing infrastructure/standards and the lack of an eco-system make it difficult for them to venture into a transformation journey. The current options available to them are at the extremes: too restrictive with full stack architectures or too disaggregated requiring a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach. The Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware addresses this challenge by providing the best of both worlds with a platform comprising disaggregated elements from the leaders of their respective portfolios.Introducing Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMwareDell EMC, the leader in compute, storage and open networking, is collaborating with VMware, the virtualization and software-defined storage (SDS) market leader, to bring best-of-breed solutions designed to run CSP mobile workloads based on x86 infrastructure. Dell EMC offers the best-in-class infrastructure with their server, storage and networking products. These products offers a scalable, automated and secure platform for traditional and cloud-native workloads.The Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware includes open standards-based Dell EMC Cloud Infrastructure (compute, networking, Service Assurance Suite and management tools) and a choice of a Virtual Infrastructure Manager (vCloud Director or VMware Integrated OpenStack) with vSAN or Dell EMC ScaleIO.  For more details, a spec sheet can be found here.last_img read more

The Observer endorses Romeo-Hootsmans

first_imgSaturday afternoon, The Observer Editorial Board interviewed all six tickets running for student body president and vice president, and each ticket brought its own spirit and ideas to the table. After extensive deliberation, The Observer endorses juniors Dominic Romeo and Philip Hootsmans for student body president and vice president.  In a pool of diverse candidates, Romeo and Hootsmans approached this election with a unique vision – a student government explicitly determined by student feedback. We’ve heard these promises about being a voice for the student body over and over again. We’ve heard countless candidates promise to faithfully represent their fellow students to the administration before. We’ve heard about plans to make that second-floor office in LaFortune more accessible and more approachable for students. But Romeo and Hootsmans outlined a bold plan to revamp the way student government can actually prioritize student concerns. Their hypothetical first week in office is already scheduled with plans for one-on-one, office hours-style meetings with students, open forum discussions and the addition of a blog component for student posts on the student government website. These meetings would produce a ballot of issues to be prioritized through student votes. Romeo and Hootsmans would structure their administration around student feedback – and this is the first time in recent memory that the student body at large would determine the agenda for its own student government.  They’re off to a good start, as they’ve begun their campaign by soliciting ideas for students to construct their platform. In a preliminary list of agenda items, they included suggestions that do reflect the general concerns of the student body. More printing stations around campus, especially in buildings like O’Shaughnessy Hall and DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, have been a longtime item on student wish lists. Working toward a day concert before a night football game would be a welcome move for students and fans alike. Romeo and Hootsmans identified mental health and stress as serious concerns, and they promised to address them on both in small ways like finals week events and in large ways like promoting University counseling services. One of the strongest platform ideas on the Romeo-Hootsmans ticket is the formation of a formal alumni-student mentorship group, similar to a “Big Brother, Big Sister” program, that could strengthen the work of both the Career Center and the Alumni Association. And while some of these ideas have been attempted before with varying degrees of success, their plan for balloting students would also allow student government to press for its goals with more clout than before – claiming to know what students want works best when students have actually had their say.    In the midst of these smaller ticket items and platform points, Romeo and Hootsmans also understood they would need to address a deeper issue at Notre Dame. In the past year, we have witnessed a racial hate crime on our campus. We have taken steps to be more inclusive to gay, lesbian, bisexual, trangender and questioning (GLBTQ) students who have felt alienated in the past. The current student government administration dedicated a significant portion of time to consulting with administrators on both the Call to Action plan and the development of a GLBTQ student organization. Romeo and Hootsmans came forward with a passion for making sure those ideals continue to come to fruition in the culture of our campus. To be sure, it’s a gamble. While their résumés include an impressive list of leadership positions, their experience within student government is almost nonexistent. Some of their platform items were hopelessly vague, such as the promise to “obtain closer relations between the dorms.” There are tickets with candidates who are perhaps more qualified and more organized. Juniors Alex Coccia and Nancy Joyce, for example, will be stiff competition for the pair, and with good reason. They bring an impressive platform and focused vision to their campaign, and we do not doubt that Coccia and Joyce would be successful in office as student body president and vice president. Junior Michael Masi and sophomore Tim Scanlan also approached their campaign with enthusiasm and focus that peaked our interest. The ballot this year is full of talent and ambition, but no ticket is more passionate about earnestly addressing students’ concerns than the Romeo-Hoostmans ticket.  Should this pair be elected, students will need to meet the bar they set for participating in student government. Romeo and Hootsmans outlined a platform that would challenge the student body to actually pay attention to student government, not just complain that it doesn’t know what student government does. They outlined a platform that requires us as students to think about and to voice our priorities for Notre Dame campus life. The bar is set, and it’s been set high.  In one of the most competitive races in years, The Observer Editorial Board has chosen to endorse Dominic Romeo and Philip Hootsmans because we believe they would be a student body president and vice president who challenge us to engage in their administration more than any other in recent memory.last_img read more

Ole MLK Day!

first_imgBy Cat HolmesUniversity of GeorgiaHot chocolate, a pinata full of candy and children’s videos in Spanish about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. will highlight the MLK celebration Jan. 19 at Pinewood Estates North, a trailer park north of Athens.The celebration is funded by a $5,000 grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service. The grant pays for a community meal, catered by women who live in the largely Hispanic community, and MLK books and videos in Spanish for both children and adults.Most of the money will also pay for supplies to support an ongoing service project. The project enables University of Georgia students to tutor children after school in Pinewood Estates North. “We’re looking forward to a great celebration of Dr. King’s life this year, one that will reflect his commitment to service and bring his teachings to life,” said David Knauft, associate dean of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”Our celebration at the Oasis Catolico highlights both African-American and Hispanic cultures,” Knauft said. “We hope it encourages even more UGA students to tutor.”Oasis Catolico is a convent established to minister to the community needs in Pinewood Estates by three sisters in the order of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.Sister Margarita Martin, one of the three who started the convent, contacted Knauft and Glenn Ames of the UGA Office of International Public Service and Outreach more than a year ago.She saw that a number of Pinewood Estates children were struggling with a double work load: learning a new language and advancing in their schoolwork.”Many of the kids may have been very advanced in their schoolwork in Mexico. But because of the language barrier, they can’t communicate that,” said Anna Scott, a UGA graduate student who administers the program. “They get frustrated and fall behind.”Another barrier is a very different cultural attitude toward teachers, Scott said.”In their culture, teachers are revered. To challenge a teacher or question them in any way is unheard of,” Scott said. “Here, if parents don’t talk to the teachers regularly, they’re considered inattentive.”Sister Margarita knew the children needed help. She thought it only natural to turn to a nearby university to get it.Knauft and Ames put together the program. UGA students began after-school tutoring. And the program was successful from the beginning, both for the children and the college students.”The UGA students really saw what a difference a few hours of attention could make for many of the children,” Scott said. “We had many children go from F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s. We even had one kid who moved up a grade.”For the UGA students, the experience is both rewarding and eye-opening. “A lot of them never realized the kinds of barriers minority children face,” Scott said.The program began a year ago with roughly a dozen UGA students participating. Now more than 50 are mentoring elementary school children each week. About a dozen now are doing it for course credit.Cat Holmes is a news editor for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.last_img read more

Interview with Suriname Chief of Defense, Col. Hedwig Gilaard

first_imgBy Dialogo April 20, 2011 Suriname was represented at the Caribbean Nations Security Conference, co-hosted by the United States Southern Command and Trinidad and Tobago in February 2011, by their newly appointed Chief of Defense, Col. Hedwig Gilaard. Diálogo spoke with Col. Gilaard about the security challenges facing his country and the need for increased regional cooperation to tackle trans-national threats such as the spread of illicit trafficking throughout the Caribbean. Diálogo: What are the main security concerns for Suriname at this time? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We have to do a lot to have a feeling of security, because we have open borders and it’s very difficult to track illegal activities, very difficult. Eighty percent of my country is forest, so the east and the western borders are open. There are many rivers, so everybody can come in easily. We don’t have a good routing system that can track aircraft. So I think we can do more about safety in our country. Diálogo: What would be the role of the Armed Forces in ensuring safety and more precisely in combating illicit trafficking in Suriname? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We have a great challenge because the Armed Forces are not that big. We have approximately two thousand men, so the country is too big for the Armed Forces alone to handle. Maybe with help from other nations, we can do a better job. Diálogo: Where do you envision this help coming from? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Maybe from the big brothers, like Brazil, our southern neighbor, and the United States. Diálogo: Do you also have a problem in Suriname with criminal organizations and the emergence of gangs? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes. Just like in every country, and even more so in a small county, we have that problem. Diálogo: How has illicit trafficking affected your country specifically? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We are a transit country along the drug route, but a part of the drugs stay in the country. So in every neighborhood we now have youngsters who are on drugs. A part of our youth are affected by drugs. Diálogo: You mentioned working with other countries. What would be some of the benefits for Suriname in working with the United States and other partners? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We are working with Southcom [United States Southern Command]. Some years ago we captured illegal aircraft but I think for two years now we haven’t captured illegal aircraft, so maybe there are less drugs coming into the country. Diálogo: Do you think additional monitoring or working with organizations such as JIATF-S (Joint Inter-Agency Task Force-South) and with regional partners, such as the RSS (Regional Security System) in the Caribbean and CARICOM, would also bring a direct benefit to Suriname? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: I think so, yes. I don’t have numbers to show you, but I think that maybe we don’t have as many drugs coming into Suriname. I know that two years ago we found a lot of small aircraft that we captured in our country. But I don’t know the route now through our country. Diálogo: Do you feel that initiatives like the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative will be helpful to combat illicit trafficking? What role could Suriname play within that initiative? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes. It’s a difficult task. We can’t do it alone. We are too small to do it alone and we have a lack of intelligence, a lack of means. I think that with training we can resolve a lot of problems. Our budget is not that big, so with the help of others, I think we can achieve those goals. Diálogo: What would Suriname contribute to the initiative, for example, specialized training or information sharing that you could assist with? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: We know our country. I think we have enough experience. Maybe we can deliver results with our experience. Diálogo: Is there anything else you would like to add? Col. Hedwig Gilaard: Yes, I hope that we can get support from, like I mentioned before, the big brothers, like the United States and Brazil, to help us to do something to bring down to normal proportions illicit trafficking.last_img read more

Croatian private airline, Trade Air is increasing its fleet

first_imgCroatian private airline, Trade Air, increases its fleet. In about 10 days, the third Airbus A320 will land at the base of this airline at the Zagreb airport, reports from Croatian Aviation. The new aircraft is equipped with 180 leather seats, and the company plans to paint it in its distinctive livery. Until then, they will wear Trade Air markings (stickers) on the tail and fuselage of the aircraft. Trade Air also operates on charter lines from Ljubljana to as many as 10 destinations in Greece: Rhodos, Karpathos, Samos, Kos, Preveza, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Heraklion, Santorini and Corfu. As far as Croatia is concerned, there is one charter line from Ljubljana, towards Dubrovnik Airport. By the way, Trade Air connects Lijepa naša as part of the PSO program. It is important to emphasize that Trade Air routes operate throughout the year, in both summer and winter timetables.center_img With this new aircraft, Trade Air will have three A320s and 1 F100 aircraft in its fleet. He also leases an L410 aircraft based at Osijek Airport, from where domestic PSO flights are operated. Osijek – Zagreb – Osijek,Osijek – Pula – Osijek,Osijek – Rijeka – Osijek,Pula – Split – Pula,Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik – Split – Rijeka Photo: Trade Airlast_img read more

Duterte admits he can’t trust Robredo

first_imgMANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte hasjustified his decision not to give Vice President Leni Robredo a Cabinet post,saying he could not trust the opposition stalwart with sensitiveinformation about the state. Despite the tirade, Duterte said Robredo would keep her post and he was merely “setting the parameters” of her role as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Robredo has asked for a list of “high-value” targets in the campaign against drugs from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine National Police./PN The Chief Executive added that Robredo’s behavior and remarks following her appointment as anti-drug czar also didn’t inspire for her to be given a Cabinet post. “So, nung nag sige siya magsalita, sabi ko, I will just forgo with the appointment of appointing her as a Cabinet member. She is with the opposition and she would be attending Cabinet meetings,” Duterte said. “In Cabinet meetings, we discuss mundane matters; we discussed day-to-day matters, security matters, critical issues. Ngayon kung nandiyan siya, hindi ko talaga siya kilala and the way she behaved right after I appointed her is not inspiring,” he added.center_img President Rodrigo Duterte says Vice President Leni Robredo’s behavior and remarks following her appointment as anti-drug czar didn’t inspire for her to be given a Cabinet post. PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO “I never said I was firing her. I said I would not appoint her as a Cabinet member,” Duterte said. “Kung Cabinet member siya and she looks into the records that are classified matters, China, whatever, kung hingiin niya ‘yan, being a Cabinet member she would have access to everything.” Duterte earlier warned to fire Robredo if she discloses sensitive information on the drug war to foreign individuals and entities. “Ang problema, I cannot trust her not only because she is with the opposition. I don’t trust her because I don’t know her. Hindi ko alam kung sino ang kausapin niya,” the President said in a press conference at the Malacañang late night on Tuesday. last_img read more

Batesville Councilman Alleges Misuse of Taxpayer Funds; City Responds

first_imgBatesville Mayor Rick Fledderman responded during the council meeting on Monday:There has been discussion and controversy concerning the recent five-year Wastewater Rate Study that is required per the Sewer Use Ordinance. The recommendation of the study included a capital improvement plan and a recommendation of a rate increase from 5% to 15%. At no time did the Mayor, Board of Works or City Councilmember propose a 15% increase. The recommendation of the Board of Works was for a 5% increase the first year followed by a 3% increase the following year. Upon considering the recommendation the City Council voted and approved on first reading a 5% increase for year one and a 1.5% increase for year two.A capital improvement plan is always part of every rate review. In this case, the plan was put together based on the improvements needed over the next five years for the Batesville Wastewater Utility. One item included in this plan has been the subject of discussion and controversy. The liner and earthen basin is in need of replacement and repair. The City does acknowledge that upon a more detailed repair/replacement estimate of this item the actual cost to do so is $410,225. The Board of Works has made no public comment on this item per the advice and direction of legal counsel. The Board of Works has directed legal counsel to work directly with the general contracting firm that originally installed the earthen basin and liner regarding concerns with these items.It has always been the policy of this administration to use prudence and restraint when addressing situations that involved potential legal implications. Our considered view is that is in the best interests of the City and taxpayers to attempt to prevent these matters from playing out in the media in deference to the settlement process. More importantly, we believe it would be irresponsible to make public statements about such matters before undertaking an investigation into the facts. We can assure the ratepayers that the City of Batesville is working diligently to come up with a financial solution that will be in the best interest of the ratepayers and minimize any financial damage to the utility. Upon reaching a conclusion in this matter, we will make public comments on this issue.A public sewer rate meeting will be held during the next city council meeting Monday, October 13. (From left to right): District 1 Council Member Derrick Cox; District 2 Council Member Kevin Chaffee; Clerk-Treasurer Ron Weigel; Mayor Rick Fledderman; City Attorney Lynn Fledderman; District 3 Council Member Jim Fritsch; District 4 Council Member Beth Myers; Council President Gene LambertBATESVILLE – District 2 City Council Member Kevin Chaffee recently penned a letter regarding taxpayer funds and a previously held sewer rate hearing. It led to a response from the mayor and some heated discussion at Monday’s monthly meeting between Chaffee and Council President Gene Lambert.The letter we received from Chaffee reads:During recent sewer rate hearings, I asked about a project named “Earthen Basin”. The mayor said this project couldn’t be discussed for legal reasons.My engineering firm designed the earthen basin built in 2001. The project contractor recently confirmed a claim has been submitted against them based upon conclusions from an engineering report commissioned by the city.The report claims the wrong basin liner material was used, the soil subgrade was not properly compacted, and no underdrain system was installed.The liner material was changed back in 2000 because the original specified material was no longer available from the manufacturer. This change was approved by the city. Soil compaction tests were completed confirming proper subgrade preparation, and the “missing” underdrains are indeed installed and readily obvious.When presented with this information, the city’s engineering consultant said if he had known this he would have significantly changed the report’s conclusions. He said he asked the city for these records, but was told this information was not available.I asked him why he didn’t contact me prior to issuing the report, and he responded “I asked the mayor how to get a hold of you and he told me he didn’t know”. That’s odd since I sit next to the mayor at every council meeting.I also asked Ron Weigel for the total amount of taxpayer funds wasted on this quest. He responded by sending me a letter stating the amount is confidential.  Apparently both he and the mayor have something to hide.I believe the mayor is using city taxpayer funds for political purposes by trying to discredit me for a successful project completed many years ago. I reported this misuse of funds to the proper authorities and understand that it is being thoroughly investigated.last_img read more

Fifa World Cup FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil exit ‘saddest moment of my career,’ says Neymar

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Fifa World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Neymar has expressed his disappointment after Brazil were sent crashing out of the World Cup on Friday following a 2-1 defeat to Belgium in the quarter-finals in Russia.“I can say it is the saddest moment of my career, the pain is great because we knew we could get there, we know we had a chance to go far, to make history… But it wasn’t to be this time,” he wrote in an Instagram post.Brazil were stunned in Friday night’s match in Kazan, finding themselves 2-0 at half-time and unable to find a comeback in the second half, despite a goal by substitute Renato Augusto.The disappointment freshens up the bad memory of Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 loss against Germany in the semi-finals four years ago, when they hosted the tournament.They played that match without Neymar, who had been stretchered off in the quarter-final win over Colombia with a fractured vertebrae.He came to Russia having only just returned from an operation on a fractured bone in his foot in early March.“It is difficult to find the strength to want to go back out and play football, but I am certain that God will give me sufficient strength to face up to anything,” Neymar added.“Very happy to be part of this team, I am proud of everyone. They interrupted our dream but they have not taken it from our heads or our hearts.”The forward, who became the world’s most expensive player when he left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain last year for 222 million euros ($264 million), will be 30 by the time the next World Cup comes around in Qatar in 2022.Brazil have now been knocked out in the quarter-finals at three of the last four tournaments since winning the World Cup for the fifth time, in Japan in 2002.The Brazil squad were due to leave Russian soil on Saturday afternoon on a flight to Madrid, before carrying on to Rio de Janeiro, where they are due to arrive in the early hours of Sunday. last_img read more

The Latest: Baylor misses chances for title runs

first_img March 12, 2020 Earlier, the tour called off events in Thailand, Singapore and China.Two California events on the developmental Symetra Tour also were postponed, the IOA Championship in Beaumont from March 27-29 and the Windsor Golf Classic in Windsor from April 2-4.___5:40 p.m.Horse racing is continuing to operate in North America and abroad without fans in the stands. In short, there will be no in-person competitor availability this weekend outside of live broadcast partners and NASCAR Productions.___6:09 p.m.The Colonial Athletic Association says an official who worked a game during its men’s basketball tournament has tested positive for the coronavirus.The league says the official did not exhibit symptoms of the virus until 72 hours after the game he worked. The conference says it has made the institution involved and tournament personnel aware of the situation so they can take proper precautionary measures. The No. 5 Baylor men, who spent five weeks at No. 1 this season and set a Big 12 record with 23 consecutive wins, were already in Kansas City, where they had been scheduled to play Thursday. The NCAA later canceled its men’s and women’s tournaments, where both Baylor teams were likely going to be No. 1 seeds. The Lady Bears were set to host first- and second-round games.“These are unprecedented circumstances, and it’s just much bigger than athletics,” Rhoades said. “I think the right decisions have been made.”Rhoades said he felt for all of the players whose seasons suddenly ended, and had spoken to both coach Scott Drew and Mulkey.“I think the first (thing) was I’m sorry. I’m sorry because both both had such great seasons,” Rhoades said, when asked what he told them. “The decision is much bigger than me, or certainly any one person, but you just feel bad.” Further changes could be coming for the draft, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas from April 23-25.Major football issues, including playing rules, bylaws and resolutions, as well as other business matters on the agenda for the March meetings will instead be handled at the May 19-20 spring meeting in Marina del Rey, California.___2:30 p.m.Football season is months away, but spring practice for college teams was in full swing around the country. That is being put on hold in many places, too. The Latest: Baylor misses chances for title runs ___6:17 p.m.NASCAR has put strict regulations in place for this weekend’s race at Atlanta, which will be held without spectators. Photographers will not be permitted at the event beyond a pool photographer, and media will not have access to the garage area or pit road. All driver availability will take place via teleconference, fed into the media center. The NASCAR Cup Series race winning team and second- and third-place finishers will be available via teleconference. USC and Notre Dame both announced they would suspended practice as their campuses shut down. The SEC’s suspension of sport through March will also take football teams off the practice fields.___1:45 p.m.The NHL is following the NBA’s lead and suspending its season.NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the pause of the season amid concerns about the new coronavirus. The NBA announced Wednesday night it was suspending play, after a player tested positive for COVID-19. 7:35 p.m.US Sailing has advised all American Olympic-class sailors who are training in Europe to return home and resume training domestically. The move came after the 470 World Championships in Spain were postponed until officials can re-evaluate the situation in April.“We strategically kept training boats stateside, so we will go home to train efficiently on our own,” Olympic head coach Luther Carpenter said.The postponement of the 470 World Championships and possible changes to the 2020 Finn Gold Cup in May will impact the U.S. Olympic Trials. US Sailing said it will re-evaluate the selection procedures for the Olympic team.___ More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 There had been two practice sessions scheduled Friday, with qualifying Saturday for Sunday’s GP. No fans had been allowed into the Albert Park circuit on Friday morning.___7 p.m.Cavaliers star forward Kevin Love is committing $100,000 toward helping arena workers in Cleveland who were impacted by the shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.Love announced his intentions to make the donation through the Kevin Love Fund on Instagram. The cancellations also extend to USA Gymnastics-sponsored workshops and clinics as well as any national team camps. The organization had already limited travel for USA Gymnastics staff and national team athletes.___4:30 p.m.The NCAA has canceled the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments because of the spread of coronavirus. The decision came one day after the NCAA announced games that were scheduled to start next week would be played in mostly empty arenas.That plan was scrapped as every major American sports league, beginning with the NBA, put the brakes on their seasons due to concerns about the pandemic. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has tested positive for the coronavirus, forcing the club to close its training complex and put the entire first-team in self isolation.Arsenal was due to play at Brighton on Saturday, with the Premier League pushing ahead with a full fixture list and stadiums with fans — unlike most other major sports.However, Arsenal said “it is clear we will not be able to play some fixtures on their currently scheduled dates.” The club issued a statement quoting Arteta as saying: “This is really disappointing but I took the test after feeling poorly. I will be at work as soon as I’m allowed.” Arsenal’s game at Manchester City was called off on Wednesday after players came into contact with a rival team owner who announced Tuesday that he had contracted COVID-19. They met Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis after the Greek team won at Arsenal in the Europa League on Feb. 27. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the coronavirus outbreak’s affect on sports around the globe (all times EDT):9:35 p.m.Horse racing is continuing to operate in North America and abroad without fans in the stands. The event will also be shortened to two days, with Friday used for driver health screenings and determining who is considered essential.___3 p.m.The NFL has canceled its main owners meeting scheduled for later this month in Palm Beach, Florida.Commissioner Roger Goodell notified the 32 teams “after careful consideration and consultation with medical experts,” according to a league statement. Goodell said the decision was made out of “concern to protect the health of club and league employees and the public while enabling the league to continue with its essential business operations.” Several NBA and NHL teams share arenas. The NHL has not said any player has tested positive for COVID-19. The league is halting play with 189 games left in the regular season, sparking uncertainty about how many more, if any, could be played before the playoffs.Bettman said the NHL has tried to follow mandates of health experts and local authorities without taking premature or unnecessary measures.” Bettman’s statement said the NBA’s news made it “no longer appropriate to try to continue to play games at this time.”___1:05 p.m. ___5:55 p.m.The LPGA Tour has postponed golf’s first major championship of the season and two other events because of the coronavirus.The tour called off the Volvik Founders Cup in Phoenix on March 19-22, the Kia Classic in Carlsbad, California, on March 26-29 and the major ANA Inspiration in Rancho Mirage, California, on April 2-5. LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan said in a statement he’s “fully committed to rescheduling these important events on our 2020 schedule,” especially the ANA Inspiration. The Big East Conference basketball tournament has been canceled at halftime of Thursday’s first game because of the coronavirus outbreak.As several other big conferences around the country canceled their postseason tournaments, the Big East resumed on schedule at New York’s Madison Square Garden. It started its second-round game between top-seeded Creighton and St. John’s at Madison Square Garden and not until halftime was the tournament called off with St. John’s leading 38-35.As the Bluejays and Red Storm were playing, a few subway stops away at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the Atlantic 10 Conference was holding a news conference to called off its tournament.___11:40 a.m. Associated Press Races at Santa Anita Park and Golden Gate Fields in California, Aqueduct in New York, Gulfstream Park in Florida, Laurel Park in Maryland and Turfway Park in Kentucky will go on without spectators. The upcoming Dubai World Cup will be held at an empty Meydan Racecourse on March 28. Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky, says when it opens for racing again in April there will not be fans allowed in.Churchill Downs said preparations to hold the Kentucky Derby on May 2 are up in the air. According to a statement from track officials: “With the event still seven weeks away, a decision will be made closer to that date with respect to postponing the event until later in the year, using the most recent information while working with and seeking guidance from public health experts and authorities.”___5:30 p.m.USA Gymnastics has canceled all sanctioned events through the end of March, which includes local meets scheduled at hundreds of USA Gymnastics-sanctioned clubs throughout the United States. Love, who has been very open about his struggles with anxiety, said he appreciates how the outbreak can be “extremely overwhelming” to people and that the suspension of the NBA season has caused a “sudden life shift” for workers at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse — home of the Cavs.The team announced plans to financially help staff during the interruption.Earlier, arena CEO Len Komorwski said despite the cancellation of the Mid-American Conference tournament that employees will be paid as if the event was held.___6:58 p.m. The NCAA also canceled all of its championships in every winter and spring sport, including hockey, baseball, lacrosse and several others.___3:30 p.m.The Atlantic Coast Conference has suspended all athletic-related activities. That includes all games, practices, recruiting — and participation in NCAA championships until further notice.The NCAA has not — at this point — postponed the men’s basketball tournament that’s scheduled for next week, but several individual schools have announced they’re taking a break from sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. 7:25 p.m.USA Cycling is recalling its athletes, coaches and support staff from locations abroad and curtailing all international travel for teams and staff members as the national governing body responds to the coronavirus pandemic.Many of the country’s elite cyclists train in Europe, where the track cycling world championships were recently conducted.The organization also said that the collegiate BMX national championships April 4-5 have been postponed, but that the remainder of its national championship schedule will continue as planned. The biggest events on the upcoming schedule are the road, time trial and criterium national championships scheduled for June 18-21 in Knoxville, Tennessee, and mountain bike nationals July 7-12 in Winter Park, Colorado. Both are crucial races for determining the U.S. team for the Tokyo Olympics. Major League Soccer is shutting down because of the coronavirus, according to Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas.Mas says the target period for the hiatus is 30 days.He told players and coaches, then held a news conference and says, “We’ve made a decision as a league this morning, as owners, that play will be suspended temporarily.”The expansion team owned by Mas and former England captain David Beckham had been scheduled to play its home opener Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.___ The Grand Prix of Long Beach scheduled for April 19 has been canceled because of a ban on large scale gatherings in the California city.Race organizers said they are in conversation with the city of Long Beach and the Convention Center about potentially rescheduling the street race. Long Beach is the second most popular event on the IndyCar schedule behind the Indianapolis 500.Organizers said if a later date this year is not possible, the race will return on April 18, 2021. ___6:27 p.m. ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a statement that “this is uncharted territory and the health and safety of our student-athletes and institutions remains our top priority.”___3:15 p.m.IndyCar will open its season on the streets of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, without spectators.The three-day event typically draws more than 130,000 fans. Local officials said earlier Thursday that no general admission would be permitted. Only essential personnel will be permitted inside the fencing that surrounds the course. ___7:58 p.m.Little League International has recommended that its leagues “exercise an abundance of caution and implement a temporary suspension of all league activities until no earlier than April 6.”Little League International operates more than 6,500 programs in more than 84 countries.___ Races at Santa Anita and Golden Gate Fields in California, Aqueduct in New York, Gulfstream Park in Florida, Oaklawn Park in Arkansas, Laurel Park in Maryland and Turfway Park in Kentucky will go on without spectators. The upcoming Dubai World Cup will be held at an empty Meydan Racecourse on March 28. Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky, says when it opens for racing again in April there will not be fans allowed in.Churchill Downs said preparations to hold the Kentucky Derby on May 2 are up in the air. According to a statement from track officials: “With the event still seven weeks away, a decision will be made closer to that date with respect to postponing the event until later in the year, using the most recent information while working with and seeking guidance from public health experts and authorities.”8:10 p.m.Defending women’s national champion Baylor was on a plane on the tarmac in Waco, Texas, preparing to leave Thursday for the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri, when coach Kim Mulkey got a call from athletic director Mack Rhoades.The No. 3 Lady Bears went into a holding pattern for about a half-hour and never got off the ground after the Big 12 men’s and women’s tournaments were canceled. ___7:10 p.m.Formula One organizers canceled the season-opening Australian Grand Prix hours ahead of the first official practice sessions because of concern over the spreading coronavirus.The sport’s governing body, FIA, issued a joint statement with F1 and the Australian Grand Prix to confirm the cancellation of the race. It followed McLaren’s decision to withdraw after one of its team members tested positive for the virus.The statement says discussions between F1 and the other nine team principals “concluded with a majority view of the teams that the race should not go ahead.”last_img read more

Rangers’ Playoff Status Guaranteed with Win against Insurance

first_imgNPFL…NPFL….NPFL…Duro IkhazuagbeRangers International FC became the first team to book a place in the Super Six Playoff of the abridged 2018/19 Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) season yesterday with a 1-0 defeat of Bendel Insurance in Enugu. Felix Ogbuke (centre) celebrating his goal against with team mate,. Wednesday Felix Ogbuike’s 85th goal was all the Flying Antelopes needed to pick maximum points at their famous Cathedral in the Coal City.With 37 points from 20 games now, Rangers are certain to finish Group A as leaders going into the playoff with two matches left.However, Insurance’s capitulation with just five minutes left of play yesterday certainly was not what Monday Odigie and his crew expected as they battle to remain in the topflight of Nigeria’s club football.After picking three points at home in Benin from Katsina United in the rescheduled game and two more valuable away points against Kwara United and Niger Tornadoes, they had hoped for at least one point from the clash with Rangers yesterday.Now, the heat is back on the Edo Arsenal’s faithfuls again as the 34 points from 20 games they currently have standing seventh cannot guarantee them safety. Miracles from their remaining two games will decide the fate of Insurance who returned from the wilderness after 11 years in the second tier league.Elsewhere, Ismaila Sarki’s second minute goal in Minna condemned MFM FC to yet another defeat that has made their top-three finish more difficult.The Olukoya Boys remain in No 4 but are likely to be pegged further back when all the Match-day 20 fixtures are concluded today.In Group B, a penalty converted in six minutes of added time by Samson Obi completed Abia Warriors’ fight-back to grab maximum points after falling to a second minute goal by visiting El-Kanemi Warriors’ Sulley Mohammed.Atilola Tunde Salami had cancelled the home side’s early deficit in the 39th minute.The Maiduguri side may lose their third position when the remaining fixtures of the group are played today.MATCH-DAY 20Tornadoes 1-0 MFMRangers 1-0 InsuranceA’Warriors 2-1 El-KanemiTODAY @4pmRemo Stars v EnyimbaKatsina Utd v SunshineWikki v Kwara UtdRivers Utd v Lobi StarsNasarawa v GombeYobe Stars v K’PillarsIfeanyi Ubah v HeartlandGo Round v Plateau UtdDelta Force v Akwa UtdShare this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more