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If one day Shanghai died in Shanghai dragon Er is still alive

, a webmaster over reliance on Shanghai Longfeng optimization and love Shanghai, will inevitably lead to the operation of the single method and profit is not stable.

because of pure technology and Shanghai Longfeng no thought, so we can through very simple labor can make a profit, resulting in many webmasters are addicted to it, the real website operation left on the maintenance of real users to give up, give up the construction site content value, give up depth the tendency of user experience, the operation mode of the website was simplified. Many webmaster will say, I will Shanghai Longfeng optimization and actual fully combine the words, in my opinion, it is not possible, because you can’t afford to bring profits to the Shanghai dragon fast temptation, you will be in Shanghai dragon can not extricate themselves. Everyone must remember the 622 2012 and 628 love Shanghai K station, the old station and the railway station of Shanghai K station is a large amount of love and.

in the Internet field, the webmaster has been optimized Shanghai Longfeng occupies all of mind and thought, it is, as long as the webmaster activities, will talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai has become the love of our God, Baidu said this is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. fully reflects the webmaster, is highly dependent on love in Shanghai. Shanghai dragon Er is not negative for the development of the network contribution is many webmaster constantly chain construction, make originally have no contact site with full contact, let the Internet content to be more abundant and fulfilling. However, the network has gradually come to maturity, the netizen participation increases, has made Internet don’t need er by Shanghai Longfeng chain construction only to fill the content. Return to the user, to guide the user to create value will be the focus of our work; we believe that the user is the true God is our belief. This paper focuses on the stand in a row if one day Shanghai died, Shanghai dragon Er is still alive this proposition, hope the webmaster correct.

since the advent of the Internet search engine, Shanghai dragon also accompanied by the. In the initial stage of the Internet, the webmaster to occupy a favorable cyber source by Shanghai dragon means, constantly get a profit, and that the Shanghai dragon optimization can provide long-term meal ticket for us. Day and night in physical labor, early in the morning to night, we enjoy watching the website daily, love Shanghai rankings, concerned about the number of the chain, the mood with website ranking and weight fluctuations. The website ranked top, we excited; a sudden drop in rankings, we tragedy. Fall down, so a pig’s way of life, but many webmaster as pretentious Station Road, recruitment, training, a batch of new path from evil can not extricate themselves. I have been attracted to Shanghai dragon magic, has been struggling to the construction of the chain, also for revenue and excited, also for the overnight ranking and devoid of anger and depression. Therefore, the author of the webmaster to indulge in Shanghai Longfeng optimization leads to life is deep.

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Love Shanghai outside the chain of tools anchor text links to build skills


(we take a closer look at these are from the Sohu link):




(I just click a link to go in, this article is the anchor text, by testing the other links as well):

because I also have a certain degree of suspicion, then find a few love Shanghai weight good site to test the results, make me surprised, outside the chain of more than 95% of these sites basically is the anchor text link, and the release of products or news or blog, basically all the anchor text links. Perhaps the purpose of doing so is to increase the site product or the exposure, but they do love in Shanghai won good weight and ranks, a few shots below to illustrate this point.


Figure 2

this morning, I logged on to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster tools to look at the site (some time ago people are very busy, but also love Shanghai webmaster tools out soon, has been testing, did not pay much attention to it), with a company website (Note: the site is down right in the 622 events the September recovery in late November and is down right) in Shanghai outside the chain of tools to check, found that although the chain of the site a lot, but to see the details it is not difficult to find, many sites outside the chain of love to Shanghai are: the description of the source website, product links, and even garbage and so on. The link text, this should be the love of Shanghai link information automatic extraction system. Come to think of it may be the company released a lot of product information, the bottom have stated: due to the sources of information, product links etc.. And although these links indicate the source of information, but to love Shanghai may not have recommended the intuitive meaning of this article, so lead to instability and weight down the right situation.

(we look at the weight, the site for privacy protection, I removed the site of URL:

Figure 3


after these data, Shanghai Dragon School webmaster thinks, love Shanghai search engine for the anchor text links attention far more than pure text links, if you simply stay at the bottom of a source address or simple text links, there may be no real help to your site, and the cumulative number is judged to be more. No correlation between the risk is strong, resulting in weight instability or drop right can be explained by. Copyright: Shanghai Dragon School: the original site outside the chain of quality and how to build the chain 贵族宝贝lyylx贵族宝贝/tips/30.html, reprint >

Figure 4


is shown in Figure 1 (this is a site outside the chain, the weight has been unstable, repeatedly fall right:

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Five daily habits improve website rankings and chain

don’t create content and create content. Instead, you should make sure that the article is relevant and professional, high quality. This is a good habit to the most effective and will surely return.


3) re written introduction

good daily habits are good for you. If you have the correct brushing, eating, exercise, daily drinking water, you will improve health. As for digital marketing. If you can start some daily habits to improve website rankings? Some simple operations will lead to the success of the enterprise.

4) add a new paragraph in the article

through daily modifications one or two articles, you can give the injection of new life, have more links to show more, so as to enhance the entire site condition.

like all things, the content will be out of date. Even if your content is permanent, but I still advise you to make some changes.

write a thing is the most time consuming but the most valuable.

long form content can get higher ranking, but also require a longer time to write. If you spend at least one hour a day of time to write, you should create at least two a week long article or more.

Time required: 10 minutes

2) to change the article in H1 H2 tag

modify the old article

wrote and published an article that




Time required: 1 hours

6) delete important paragraphs

often changes the content are more likely to rank higher. From the beginning of 2007, Google launched the algorithm more "QDF" (fresh content query value) features, the idea is to give a query the latest date of publication of the search results. The goal is to provide users the latest information on a given topic to provide users.

can learn the following things

9) share your article to get more active users

7) to write the conclusion

1) with more relevant keywords to change the title of the article

the creation of new content is the only way to bring traffic to the site the best.

a daily habit of promoting Shanghai Longfeng and will have a great market success. Some of the following practices required daily operation:

why do you need to update the old

to get links from the new website

5) adding links to other sites link to the new

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Zhou Ning six links analysis of how to retain users of local websites

There are several phenomena in the

local web site: the main form of local websites is local communities; local websites mainly focus on localized consumption; local websites do not have strong dependence on the flow of Baidu. We can see the local website domain many brilliant case, for example, 19 floor Xiamen, long lane fish etc.. We analyze some of the practices that these websites are adopting and have been using, and can answer many of the initial local web operators’ doubts: how do local sites retain users?

keep the user this problem is in place, including many rookie problems, such as: how to do? How to promote? How to find? What rules? How profitable? — the nature of the problem has been close to the operation of the community is to keep people. Local websites exist in the form of local communities, which solve the needs of local Internet users: local consumption and the local human relations extending from the local consumption.

must recognize that local communities operate not just content operations, but the combination of content operations and business operations. Therefore, retaining people is not a single link to solve the problem, but rather the integration of many operational processes. According to the development process of a website, there are six main links:

one, content to keep people

Based on the

website first must have a certain amount of, not necessarily do much good, but no content cannot pull. That’s what many websites call content filling. Of course, the professionalism of the filling will have no small impact. Hualong Xiang Qian Yu also mentioned a key point in the "how to do": content like a row of water, water, water, little water, you need to pick a day unremittingly, always put the cylinder filling.

therefore, the main points are no more than two points: according to the situation of the forum, the rational distribution of energy; perseverance. However, many stations remain stalled at this stage.

two, topic

The user is registered with the download station it is easy to bring

, however, the next question is: "even if there is no one post registration, how to do?" the answer is very simple: "to a topic guide, your boring topic, why?"

classic case: in 2012 the Qixi Festival, the 19 floor of the time – "the love of Shuangcheng Hangzhou Ningbo headlines". When it comes time, it is not only the click, but also the interaction. It is the natural result.

three, feel reserved

What is

‘s feeling? That’s the legendary sense of belonging. There are three kinds of feelings:

1, reasonable rules. For a negative example, the webmaster of a web site asks users to send about 1000 posts to change their avatar and signature, saying management is difficult. You know, girls go online, the first thing is to pay attention to your avatar and signature, it is recommended that such network management immediately dismissed.

2, good interaction. User >

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A5 official purchasing, sale right, more than 3 high quality stable website, quick and safe

A5 official purchasing, sale right, more than 3 high quality stable website, fast and safe


1, domain name time at least 1 years. (older, better)

2, use Adsense tools inquires the Baidu weight is more than 3. (please do not brush their own words, thank you!)

3, website weight flow at least stable for more than 3 months.

4, website type is not restricted, want to stand only, the price is good talk.

5, website value 10 thousand above.

does not meet the above conditions, but the website has potential, you can also consult.

if you have a good site for our sales recommendation, please contact our A5 web broker at no extra charge

details please visit:

A5 official purchasing, sale right, more than 3 high quality stable website, fast and safe

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Experts suggest website SEO on the optimization of related links

we’ve learned that link factories are not working on site optimization, and using link factories, you’ll be punished in the search engine results page. But you also know that if you want to have a good location on the result page, you have to have links. Link Factory allows you to get a lot of links quickly, but most of them don’t relate; the related high quality links will eventually bring you more good stuff than the mass of junk links.

so how do you get the relevant links? There are a lot of articles on link building and link exchange on the SEOchat forum. If you want to have a good understanding of this, you’d better listen to the advice of Larisa Thomason, a senior network analyst at NetMechanic. When she first gave her advice in 2002, she had many connections with her. She stressed four points:

keep relevant topics and make sure that all the links on your site are relevant to your web page topic.

two is with a popular group. Search engines focus on the extent of the links, not just their numbers. "100 good internal links from popular web pages are much better than 1000 link factories that are made up of garbage sites," Thomason says."

three avoids automatic link generation. This doesn’t mean you can’t exchange links with other sites, but that if you exchange, don’t send automatically generated messages. Do research on other sites and make sure that you send a letter to the site asking for link exchange and also study your site.

four puts the links in the text. This will give you a welcome boost to search engine algorithms. As Thomason explains, "links to web content and keywords in web pages are more valuable than links to web pages that are exiled."."

if you want to boost the popularity of your site, don’t do it with a link factory. In that case, you will reap only the punishment of the search engine and angry visitors. Keep it real, make it relevant. Keep in mind that most valuable things, including good web pages, take time to enhance