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Learn to stand group thought one station in a keyword

complained that the stand number of webmaster site ranking has not decreased, but a number of trends. This is not to blame love Shanghai, as Google and other search engines, but the standing group of technology development speed of search engine in the development of spam technology. Since the station group can always get good rankings, there are many worthy of our study, we introduce the stations in a station corresponding to a key idea.

back to the topic, a station of a keyword, and even a stand a long tail keywords are not exaggerated. Why is a station of a keyword, this is not a waste of resources? Why stations such method can make each keyword get good rankings? The reason is very simple, just one sentence: love Shanghai for Quan Zhongyuan than in website home page weight. See, a common website home page keyword ranking keywords easily more than a high weight website page ranking, this is when we use love Shanghai to search keywords, see the majority of the site’s home page ranking, rarely see better. If the keyword competition is not strong, and the long tail keywords, you use a stand to do the key results as can be imagined.


use a single keywords or long tail keywords to make a stand of the main keywords, can be achieved than using web site page >

If you think the

use station, related keywords and long tail keywords, keywords analysis of what you want to do better, more complete the better, you can use the love Shanghai index or other payment instruments. As the 1 to 3 keywords or long tail keywords as a web site keywords in the station group to do, you’re not wrong, this website will only do these one or two words, even the long tail keywords. Well, sure the words, you can use the station automatically to other content, including the content of the website and the link building (station link building function has evolved, the love of Shanghai is not easy to detect, this paper discussed within). You can see hundreds of your keywords in Shanghai love home a few months (for each station using relevant keywords, different stations between stations, and competition is not too large) le mouth flowering.

stations is more content the same websites also have good ranking, you are already behind too much. Some stations have not the same keywords more than one station, but for a number of related keywords, each keywords make a stand. Online titled "the history of the strongest love Shanghai Taobao optimization expert guest about 5000 precise long tail all love Shanghai home" article, do not know true and false, but it can be realized, and the use of stations to achieve, that’s for sure. How did he do it? The answer for you.

station is a key factor for successful practice is to stand in front of the group, has emphasized the selection related keywords to do stand group, and this correlation is standing group the success of another factor, continue to focus on A5, this article will introduce the idea of a relationship between stations.

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Talk about the importance of the site from the original pay New Year’s call SMS


if by speculative way to getting the original, or to let the love of spiders in Shanghai included, can be used in a simple way, that is to bring in a Chinese article, translated into Japanese, and then translated into German, Spanish, English >

has written more than a year is the site of the original article, particularly sensitive to the original two words, a large number of similar messages, have lost the vision of freshness. The website optimization, the original is an important aspect of love, Shanghai spiders have to copy is not interested, and we are in a New Year greeting message duplicate these magnificent article, do people taste unexpectedly as a machine? Maybe I the idea of some extreme.

this article also said a way, is to spend tens of dollars, to Witkey platform to collect, can collect out dozens of article "original articles", this seems like a good way, but carefully calculate, tens of dollars for dozens of articles, an original article but a few dollars. Even one yuan is not that can collect high quality of the original article? What is more, to see the Witkey bounty is so low, simply copy a come over. Kobun ever see a webmaster used this way in the article Witkey solicitation, and QQ and his private chat, the owners complained: "the arrangement of the article is better than original than to write their own articles are tedious……" Don’t respect Witkey, do not respect the original, in fact, is not responsible for their own website.

to write the original article site for many webmaster, is a very difficult thing, so some people began to look for shortcuts, kobun just still see a experience of how to write false original article, the article said English website to translate an article, tidy, is a false original, the method is very creative, but the translation of the article on the meaning expression is vapid, readability is certainly not high.

? The reason is very simple, these messages are copied, flowery but lose the truth, in my opinion, this message is just do things carelessly, more like a deal with a job. The message is back, I thought, can not think of these exciting statements, finally, only wrote "happy rabbit in four words, though brief, this is my original

in website optimization occupy a very important position, take the Spring Festival, some evaluation content to the Sina Web site to see the show, almost every little detail of the Sina editors did not miss, like a sigh, Lin Chiling, the uncle of a second "dew point" is a piece of news…… Some of these news lace, have attracted many online browsing comments, this is the power of the original.

mobile phone SMS pay New Year’s call, has become a habit, from the beginning of year thirty, Acer paper has received many of these messages pay New Year’s call SMS, pay New Year’s call is very exciting, but I also did not look carefully, also my daughter-in-law also received many similar messages she will even pay New Year’s call, the most wonderful to me mobile phone, I did not see.

The original I don’t see why

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QQ space promotion tips and methods

is this point for the industry closely related to the specific time need practice to prove.

3. QQ space marked

is very important to the promotion of recent work in a QQ space, then in a period of time, but also slightly income. Now the average access to each log of the amount of space in more than 800, this is all from real users and real IP, and through the love of Shanghai can see statistics brought by the QQ space flow is objective, so that this work is very effective. So this article is to share what I do tricks QQ space and some small details, some owners have been used, it is dedicated to the webmaster.

2. QQ space and the choice of the right time


I think this a bit more important. Post QQ space has a direct impact on the promotion effect in what period of time. Or take the daily Le source Parenting Network for example, most of the mothers are now up early, according to my observation, most moms love in the morning on the Internet, because this time the child may not up, so mothers are also a little easier. He will choose this time to read this as part of a good group. For office workers, morning release information is more appropriate, but a gold in the morning at about 10 noon, and the effect of the worst, we are all busy with work or rest, the afternoon of the prime time point is at 16 p.m., you may be busy working, online reading.

do QQ products promotion and ultimately QQ group, but the problem comes, but who now QQ group advertising, was kicked out of the group’s risk as high as 90%, so this method should we not consider not to apply. So how to promote? Is not difficult, the purpose is to add the QQ group QQ friends, such as the daily Le source is the mother of industry, he needs to add a lot of maternal and infant group, then the members in this group will be the customer intention to me, so I chose to add her as a friend, so I to publish the article in the QQ space, she will be the first to know.

but some Adsense said, QQ friends can only add a certain number, so how to do? This is more simple, the answer is: to delete her. Yes, just in your list, delete it, let her know that you can guarantee the release of information, and you can continue to add friends, this method is quite troublesome, but the effect is good, is not righteousness, but no but.

1. QQ space and add group to

what you do in the end be able to bring the number of site traffic, this is our every webmaster want data. Of course, we have other work besides the space extension can also bring traffic, but in order to investigate.

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Why website keywords unstable

to plan ahead!

Shanghai dragon is itself in the game, the game object you please note! If you’ve got some popular keywords ranking, so would like to congratulate you, but need to be vigilant. Many newcomers entering Shanghai dragon industry will ask these questions: why website ranking is not stable? Site is K how to do? How much do an article in the chain right? Today I will talk about some reasons of website keywords instability.

third, the search engine database synchronization. This can explain the phenomenon often have different rankings in different regions. Because we are discussing data from hundreds of millions of trillion website, search engine will not all the data are stored in the same database. So, this means we are at any given time, the search only to see a large number of search engines in the database, and if the search engine in the database synchronization areas do not have real time, cause website ranking, is excusable. Now, this situation occur only occasionally, mostly have official database adjustment period.

of course there are some Shanghai Longfeng optimization misunderstanding, as many people think website traffic, website ranking will be in front. In fact, if not through the search engines let your site understand actual >

first, as the website optimization and promotion personnel in Shanghai Longfeng process has obvious subjective factors, so you can stop or increase marketing efforts, and the opponent is to stop or intensify, you cannot stop! Sometimes, you are not your website ranking good site in Shanghai Longfeng have done best, but opponents haven’t started or lazy. Besides, if you are one of the only search engine optimization of a party, so have a good ranking an easy job to do. However, once you go all out to catch up with rivals, the crisis came, I recommend Shanghai dragon

is the second, website base server performance is really important. Before not realise this, always feel that can open the web site can not. But if you have been tested, whether the different network environment friends can visit? Remember, the search engine spiders also with users like crawling, if your server suck, it is bound to be penalized. The Shanghai dragon blog chain a website ranking has been very good, because the space business reasons to file the site shut down, this was not what, but the status code returned is 404, the result is a tragedy, now the entire station is K.

finally, change the search engine algorithm. Please remember: you never know when to change the search engine algorithm! But there are still a lot of people to follow the search engine algorithm steps, often in order to clarify some minor adjustments on the search engine algorithm and the algorithm of sleepless nights, they are crazy! But I advised not to become a member of them. Website ranking fluctuations may be all the time, and we do not attempt to change or eliminate these factors, need not care too much.

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How to break through personal movie websites

Since the

copyright problems after the nature of the entertainment, many movies, music websites have been closed, I love, in addition to the movie content restrictions, used by visual, auditory or temptation movie station seems to come to an end for personal webmaster movie website seems to be more winter, absolutely is the cold winter. How does personal movie website break through? Personal movie website in small crevice how profit?


, how did the 1. personal movie website break through,


to write this part, I interviewed some of the new movie website personal webmaster, and the free movie website yqooo talk the most, say his site is rough, or without a design aesthetic taste, but his movie website updates very quickly, "confession", "battle of wits" I was in the movie to see him. Talk to the subject:

personal film breakthrough 1: the movie is not much, lies in the essence of

films are different from other, in a certain period of time, for example, this time the popular "confession", then you will find a confession of pain, this time the popular drama, the drama is Baidu keyword. So there’s no need to plug a lot of movies on the movie site. Seize the key, change at any time, the advantage is to reduce the amount of space occupied, with limited space and limited resources to the audience the most fast browsing speed, there is a benefit that create the illusion for members: the standing of the movie is to keep up with the trend, after seeing what new movies here.

personal film breakthrough 2: dispel membership

Although many

movie website provides free movies, but need to fill a lot of membership information, birthday, phone, and mobile phone! In addition to cumbersome, also don’t feel safe, if I simply do not see the movie, because the mood in the process of data is not complete. I suggest the individual movie station member to cancel membership system. Some people say that I rely on members to make money ha ha, now there are thunder download, QQLive, PPLive and other online players world, membership fee is difficult. Or some people say: "I rely on the temptation of the movie charges.". If you want to live a stressful life every day, and you want to step on the path of erotic June, then I say, "admire!".

personal film breakthrough 3: Film + film review + recommended

many movie websites simply put up a poster, not with the audience. My advice is to pop up a web page after the movie is finished, so that the audience can write about how it feels to see the movie. You can also open one on the home page: the audience recommendation column, let them in the selection of the film, the webmaster according to their recommendation to put the film, the advantage is that you can retain repeat customers, as well as my audience’s needs.

is written some ideas of how to break through to the personal film website I, I write about how to make money in the slit in the movie website.

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From the perspective of Internet cafes, personal web site of the plight of how much similar

last week, there was news about Internet cafes, and the Ministry of culture raised the threshold for Internet cafe chains. The Ministry of Culture issued a notice that the declaration of national Internet cafe chain enterprises should have "registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan, the number of directly operated stores not less than 30" conditions such as wholly owned or holding, the threshold is higher than the 2003 Internet application conditions, the policy will contribute to the development of the Internet more and more centralized, the previous single occupy Internet cafes the mainstream of the market will be out of the market. The new standard threshold was up and down, such as the Internet cafe chain enterprises, in the administrative area of wholly owned or holding the number of directly operated stores, by 2003 the provisions of not less than 10 down to 5, the threshold is decreased; as for the country or cross regional chain of Internet cafes, wholly owned or holding the direct request the number of stores by 2003 the provisions of not less than 20 to 30, the threshold is increased.

new standards show that the Ministry of culture has raised the threshold of nationwide Internet cafes and helped speed up the inclusion of a large number of individual Internet cafes. Prior to this, these individual Internet cafes due to uneven levels of management and accused, and even known as "black Internet cafes."". In fact, the Internet is becoming more and more centralized. In the past, the Internet cafes, which occupy the mainstream of the market, are slowly withdrawing from the market. Various measures have been introduced throughout the country to restrict the development of Internet bars. Such as the prohibition of new Liaoning monomer Internet cafe registration, Guangdong no longer single room Internet cards. Today, another news: CPPCC National Committee members: the closure of social networks, government offices, a total of Internet cafes. The NPC and CPPCC held soon, CPPCC member Yan Qi stunned the world: close all social Internet cafes, Internet cafes total government office. With respect to this proposal, Yan Qi will submit relevant proposals during the NPC and CPPCC sessions this year. "Internet cafes all kinds of social problems derived, has become a social problem, for ills, should take drastic action." All sorts of phenomena show, the development of Internet bar, especially the development of monomer Internet bar, already ended now, either by chain of Internet bar enterprise annex, or can only be killed by new regulation.

Internet cafe’s current situation, I can not help but think of the current situation of personal websites. Although they are different industries, the difference is great. But both are closely related to the Internet, and the current outlook is somewhat similar. Internet cafes and personal websites are growing and growing with the continuous popularization and development of the internet. Netizens are targeted users, relying on Internet users profit. In the process of development, a lot of problems have appeared and social contradictions have been aroused. Such as the proliferation of Internet cafes and mismanagement caused by the Internet addiction problems, Internet cafes to disseminate pornographic and illegal information. Internet cafes harm young and healthy development of physical and mental problems. The same is true of personal websites, and the proliferation of Internet pornography and illegal bad information is also condemned by society. Both because of the management and institutional problems, resulting in social and media, such as multi-party criticism. Now, because of the deepening of these issues, the relevant departments are introducing a series of new initiatives, new regulations for remediation. As mentioned above, new regulations on Internet cafes, as well as a series of network renovation from last year to date. Remediation is a good thing to be able to

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Enhance user experience from detail to help users save time

Internet products have a very important goal is the pursuit of a good user experience, and to all the users, the most valuable and the time of users, especially in some western countries, many things are more important than time. There are many Internet products, users use one or more times, and then no longer use, because the time spent on this product is too much, and even affect the user’s life and work. A small detail above an ordinary website can affect a user’s good experience because of wasting time. Therefore, in order to enhance the user experience, we should start from the details, to help users save time.

first, the performance of the product can greatly save the user’s time. Now there are a lot of computer software, especially computer optimization software, will be at boot time in the lower right corner of the taskbar pop-up boxes a display boot with a long, this is an example to enhance product performance. These software is also often Internet products, in order to maximize the user’s time savings, through technology to enhance the performance of PC, in the boot to reduce user waiting to bring a better experience to the user. This is why we often need to optimize the performance of the website, through the website optimization, website JS HTTP request or pictures to improve the response efficiency of the website, especially the website, the response time is one of the important factors in customer.

second, the time spent on the site’s code can not be ignored. The user in the verification code on the waste of time must not be less, because now almost all sites have the verification code mechanism, especially in order to automatically submit the request using the transition system verification code mechanism is the most websites. However, the problem is not here, but in the code itself is user friendly, really from the user’s point of view to design, as shown in the following figure, who can in 3 seconds directly see the first word is what. Therefore, in the system verification code, itself has been time-consuming verification code, no longer because of some of the reasons should not appear to waste the user’s time.

third, account verification information experience needs to be improved. Now many systems require users to register the password to uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols mixed, and must be greater than the number of bits can be verified, but this combination is not necessarily can sign the user’s memory habits, this is because users often forgot the password required to verify email, mobile phone, email and sometimes forget can not find a way to retrieve the password, which gives users the time waste is enormous, often make users crazy, at a critical time in addition, plus the login password after the wrong account is locked and problems are often seen. In fact, there is a solution to this problem. Why not system designers from another aspect to consider, it must be the size of letters and symbols is safe, I put the password into the middle of a sentence or phrase English separated by spaces, sentences are long enough, and this letter.

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6 years the road of the site didn’t make a stop to

02 years of the initial contact with the computer, I was the little city in Internet cafes are not many, the machine is not good, the Internet is also expensive. When it is started with the students in the past, look at others, I don’t know QQ chat, read more, think chat feeling pretty good, so I apply a QQ number to play. Just started playing quite a dish, open a web page does not stop at the link, never close the window, so often engage in a crash. After adding QQ, a Zhejiang MM, talk very speculative, then exchange the address to write to each other. From the beginning to the present, the past 6 years, has been linked with.

until two years ago, I still stay in the QQ or CS level, do not make progress. But because of playing QQ more, so often find some QQ related resources, at that time, often hear people say free brush member, three drill. What I am interested in this. So slowly mixed with " hacker " related forums. When there is a Guangxi hacker alliance, where the QQ resource update soon, where successful rushed several members of the free three drill. Have a great sense of achievement. One day, following the network warfare Links. I went to another forum, there are more points and rookie, I slightly more than most people understand something, there is a mixed one. The day after the administrator do often go to see some hacker " " black tutorial, several websites also Zhaomaohuahu. Internet cafes also stolen over the others QQ. slowly feeling I thought I was too much food. I had too much to learn. So I left the forum and started the process of doing my own station..

began when test data in the window for free space, with the PHPWIND program, in fact this is not " ", is at best in " ", learn how to build the forum. How to set up the forum, how to insert, how to modify the style and so on. A few days later, the first the forum also made up, very excited. That a lot of friends to give me support, my friends all got management. But it is not good for several days, free space is not good enough, often inexplicable hang. Started looking around for space to buy. When do not understand the virtual host space is tricky, anyway. Is looking for a cheap, cheaper and better. Finally someone opened a 150M, spent 200 dollars. With less than February, people go, the money has gone. Stand too. Oh, when the fight is not small, it is difficult to find the site for a long time I did not. Think about the site and indulge In the game,.

but I always not to give up, after a period of time and I think the game is really boring. Began again, " " this time I want a good, in fact, free space is stable, with a first application, the development of good business to buy the line. With this in mind, around the size of the site, registered a lot of ID, finally found a 62M free.