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Shanghai dragon chain chain 99% to combat the experience of his hair.


believe that we now know that the forum signature is invalid, even A5 has canceled the forum signature, many people have in order to be able to in the A5 forum with the signature chain purchase invitation code to register. Then to the inside with a signature with the top post, weight of an ordinary page itself is not much, a bunch of people to go to the top. Finally, you can imagine how much weight to? How many PR? Even if you own the post with links, there will be a large group of people against the links with

3. love Shanghai official products


before I do is love and experience of Shanghai library, Shanghai love their weight official products are relatively high. In this way the present form relative threshold ratio >

1. forum signature

as a Shanghai dragon Er, recently found himself for a long time did not publish any articles about Shanghai dragon industry. The weather is sunny today, although a little hot hot, but very good mood. Specifically the pen write this article! This article is based on the ZAC in the course of one part of the content and the actual results summed up. Don’t pull away, directly below the share of

99% no matter where the embodiment of

Reviews work!The chain

through high quality original articles written by their own contribution to get outside the chain, but also can give users valuable information, users feel the value of the content, will give you a recommendation or forwarding and some websites to collect content, through such a cycle can get many high quality of the chain. The main page or whether their submission to be forwarded after the page is mostly a page only a few links to the weight distribution is quite high.


do not know if you have not done blog, blog made shoes all know my blog occasionally there will be some people use mass software reply much to your blog, most of them are some English font. If you look at, or use the tool out you will find those who see small font English inside is actually contains a link inside. The second is the number of Chinese font is also a link. The hair on top of this chain of people I want to say: "you are not stupid". Now the blog reply basically are tagged with nofollow tags module, meaning I would not say

with classified information website

2. blog

2. B2B

Most of the

the remaining 1% works where

in addition to the above submission mode we can also choose some B2B website or classified information website to publish their own web site, released here on the platform of the article basically is a separate page, the inside of the link is less. At the same time also can give their own website promotion

!The source of the chain

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Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee depth interpretation of love — on the chain judgment

1, clearly tells us to love Shanghai "


will officially enter the interpretation, long Yu interpreted in the screenshot annotated mode in "on the chain" judgment begins, love Shanghai Lee has given us by reading this article to understand what content.


3, how to determine the problem is the chain, love Shanghai analyzed a large number of examples, summarizes the characteristics of the characteristics of the garbage outside the chain, so that the general criteria should be correct, but does not rule out the fire situation.

Long Yu has been marked the important content, through this article, Lee or thinking to tell some of what we love Shanghai, first read the article, first, we can understand some judgment principle of love Shanghai on the outside of the chain; second points, we can understand the problems in the mainstream chain the chain of garbage and the difference of cheating in the chain, and the treatment principle of love Shanghai. And third, Lee lists some actual cases, to help us determine whether your site has the same problem chain, finally give the correction.

A good

2, Shanghai to love junk the chain and cheat the chain have different criteria, and different treatment principles.

this part is a summary of the contents of the whole document, this is Webmaster Platform always send the article, because the whole article is long, but also for visitors to grasp the core content of the article is very helpful, basically similar to the four navigation Title sums up the whole article focus.

first put this "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee on the chain decision" to give you read the address, to facilitate reading analysis: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/160

in April 25, 2013, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee published an article in dragon feather seems by far the most important, this is the love of Shanghai about the garbage outside the chain and the chain cheating judgment method, so far, did not see any Shanghai Longfeng communities of detailed interpretation, but we know that for a a web site and the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon Er, in addition to the station, the construction of the chain is the most important part in the daily work, this article and love Shanghai Lee hair has a very important significance for the construction of the chain after Shanghai dragon Er, so it is very necessary to make a interpretation. The interpretation by the world economy and Shanghai dragon dragon feather business platform, improper welcome criticism.

1, through the above points, the basic can know love Shanghai now the chain is divided into two categories, one is the chain is no problem, another problem is the chain, and the chain, the most important is the love hate Shanghai should be garbage chain and the chain of cheating.

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Analysis of burn promotion why attractive ball


third: both bidding and Shanghai dragon. Now the enterprise site is not to say that after the auction, not in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, actually in reality often we are both doing. A bidding promotion way to find your target keywords, do targeted keywords optimization of Shanghai dragon, so can their more pages show to the user, spread their information, so bring users is a lot. Site selection of Shanghai Longfeng method may not give the website to accurate user, but the auction can be seen in the precise user is from what keywords, for these keywords do optimization on the go, the resulting flow rate is very high.


second: marketing effect visible. Through the process of marketing promotion, marketing effect visibility is relatively large. How much the cost of bidding, the marketing process has brought the number of users, these data are visible. But for some other promotion methods, may not be able to calculate the cost, such as blog marketing, blog marketing is very difficult to calculate how much you spend cost, or blog marketing process, in the end bring you many users. In the end of this marketing, marketing personnel to see their effect. Is disadvantageous to days after marketing. But for promotion can effectively keep the effectiveness of marketing reaction, one of the reasons is that the enterprise will choose the site.

network promotion way, pay a free way to the spring and Autumn period, bidding promotion although the money is, but for some enterprise website, the choice is still very much. No matter what kind of promotion way, advantages and disadvantages are existing, only reasonable use, in order to better promote the work. Bloggers to share this money for promotion why attractive ball, only the author summed up his own views, I hope useful for everyone.

: the first quick promotion. For some enterprise website, online marketing, hope to soon have the effect, if you go by Shanghai dragon, effective rate is certainly very slow, and the new building site weight is not high, so it is very difficult to optimize, so most companies choose to bid promotion. The establishment of good bidding account, you can set the target keywords, estimates like a few days will be seen to flow into the target, it is necessary for enterprise marketing, and most need to get. Especially for some short-term marketing goals, for promotion effect than Shanghai Longfeng good promotion methods can be effective immediately, more suitable for short-term marketing projects.

fourth: price risk is relatively low. The bidding promotion way as long as you are not removed, the ranking is always there, but you can bring the user is lasting. But for the Shanghai dragon website, the effect is very unstable, the website can easily be search engine punishment, causing the site weight decreased, keywords ranking is reduced, the effect of such "will directly affect the marketing

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The advantages of online recruitment what are the prospects for talent websitesAs music sports B+ ro

on May 26th afternoon, for a long time, no sound music as a sport in Beijing opened a small conference, officially announced its B+ round of financing progress.

2, the talent market. Although recruitment through the talent market is still the main way to recruit enterprises, but this way there are still many regrets. First of all, the talent market is a two-way fee, that is, the job seekers and recruiters have to collect fees. And the fees charged for the enterprise are also higher. And for job seekers, with free internet jobs, of course, will shift positions. Then, for the enterprise, the recruitment of talent market is also facing the shortcomings of the short time, because for enterprises, hundreds or even thousands of costs, only talent in those 7, 8 hours.

Italian Ningbo Eco Park is a national ecological park, owned by the Ningbo ecological garden management committee. Public data shows, October 14, 2014, China and Italy signed "memorandum of understanding" on the common support of the establishment of China ecological park, the support of the two companies, agencies and related organizations in Haian economic and Technological Development Zone Chinese and Ningbo Yuyao Economic Development Zone to build cooperation Italy Haian ecological park "and" Italy Ningbo ecological park". According to the Yuyao Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau website in 2015 when the information, like Ningbo ecological park planning area of 40 square kilometers, including a 26 square kilometers, two 14 square kilometers, with manufacturing and business services, education and training, ecological leisure for the four core functions.

1, through the traditional media to publish recruitment information. For example, through newspapers, television and other recruitment information, compared to this effect, there are several shortcomings: first, the cost of expensive, whether newspapers or television, at least thousands, or even higher. This is obviously too costly for enterprise recruitment. Then the timeliness is short, whether it is newspaper or television, basically on the same day of the information, the overdue newspaper even if the information is effective, no one concerned about, which obviously affected the recruitment effect of enterprises.

, another insider told the sloth bear sports, take out the intention of the land area of about 2800 acres. At present, the Italian Eco Park has been in Ningbo, Yuyao east of the city

for enterprises: first network recruitment for long term business recruitment, from the date of start has been extended to the enterprise recruitment to the real talent so far. In addition, fees are much lower than in the traditional way. And for businesses increased along with the network of job seekers, to find really suitable for the development of the enterprise is more and more talents.

according to the news conference, as music sports part of the new and old shareholders and Italian Ningbo ecological park subordinate fund confirmed to participate in the B+ round, after the valuation of 24 billion yuan. Under the financing agreement, the Italian Ningbo ecological park subordinate funds will participate in the music, sports, B+ round of capital increase. Among them, the use of music as a sports town project high-quality integrated construction land, is the main asset of the capital increase.

Italy Ningbo Eco Park and music as the sports signed a framework agreement, mainly in the form of land shares, to help the latter move the headquarters to Ningbo, landing to the Italian Ningbo ecological park.

3, also is through online recruitment, job search and recruitment talent website. This new recruitment model just makes up for the disadvantages of traditional recruitment methods.

2017 is a major project for the Italian Ningbo ecological park". According to Yuyao news network reported that this year, Ningbo Italian Eco Park will be implemented Geely new energy vehicles, Beijing, advanced power batteries, enlightenment science and Technology City Phase 56 major projects, with a total investment of 30 billion 194 million yuan.

bear sports music as sports understanding, this round of financing is driven by the old shareholders. In the eyes of the old shareholders, LETV sports have encountered some problems, but also the normal operation of the high priced purchase of media copyright etc. the old model proved to be profitable in the short term is difficult, so the need for industrial transformation, sinking, sports town for the music as sports is a chance. And the sports town is one of the hottest stories in the sports industry.

leisure health is an industrial orientation of Sino Italian ecological park. The latter needs to speed up the construction of industries in this direction, and the choice of music as a sport is also due to this consideration.

The advantages of

for individuals: first talent website is a free service for individuals to provide. In addition, with the development of domestic education, with the popularization of computer knowledge, I think there will be more and more job seekers will be exposed to the network, and ultimately choose to apply for the internet. And because the network application is convenient, then as long as job seekers in the talent website registered a resume, that can wait.

wants to say clearly the talent website’s prospect, namely must analyze clearly the network recruitment advantage, in the end where?. Because, after all, the talent website is charged only to the enterprise.

sports sloth bear was saying, "the purpose of cooperation is actually in order to make the enterprise development on the existing platform resources. Italian ecological garden Italy elements still need to be strengthened, as the music comes in, it will have more international resources, including service supporting, will have a role in promoting."

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To 2010 Click WangzhuanWhat to do to make money online how to find suitable for their own Wangzhuan

The biggest advantage of

4, please click Wangzhuan part-time

due to the impact of the financial crisis, the world has a large number of people are unemployed, their survival impact, are looking for the road to survive, while the Internet is a very important way, there are unlimited business opportunities on the Internet, as long as you can to find natural resources will roll rolling, the is unemployed wish, we also want to make money on the Internet people have been pursuing the goal.

with the financial market market gradually active, leading the global advertising market recovery, many small and medium-sized enterprises rely on Internet advertising, survival and development fundamentals remain unchanged. Many small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals have increased their reliance on Internet advertising. But the network advertisement market will further optimize, but it is placed in front of advertisers the primary problem.

second, through some specific tasks to make money project survey class, hang up class, usually by the company, good reputation, the operation of such projects are to rely on your efforts, it is called a hard, a harvest! Pay will always pay off. Relatively speaking, are generally individuals do more advertising revenue relative website is quite small, can not be compared, but there are a lot of people earn money from these projects, like the general it takes a long time to be paid, so we have to find more referrals to make money for you.

to accomplish this task, operating costs and operational capacity has improved. On the one hand, advertisers seek high-quality PTC and BUX sites to advertise, and on the other hand, speed up the collapse of websites without power. It can be said that in 2010 the click Wangzhuan, risk will be greater than interest income, there are a number of so-called cattle stations will be facing some of these choices are eliminated by the market, the event of failure will occur, some sites, collapse of a little hard to believe, this is the result of market. As Chen Anzhi famously said, "the past does not equal the future.". For the same site on 2010 called once, will accelerate the valiant record, some cattle station closed.

PTC and BUX advertising website advertising, in-depth analysis of its operational capability will contact with real effect data back together, to enhance the PTC and BUX sites of industry self-regulation, and is part of the focus in the fight against cheating on that task.

1, quick to pay. The maximum insurance is to join the payment after a few days, or to pay the minimum payment immediately, to ensure the safety of the collection, do not expect too much fantasy, the first collection.

paid browsing advertising is being challenged by a new round. As PTC and BUX’s action patterns reveal some well-known drawbacks, advertisers are facing tests for their advertising efforts and confidence index.

paid advertising is that its real visitors are more likely to receive data support than traditional advertising. Many advertisers know about advertising, or do they look at data. This will also bring opportunities for paid advertising.

here’s what a few of the more important, we all know that the Internet can make money too many projects, different projects have different earning method, the conditions are not the same, the money is more or less. The first to talk about the advertising as the main source of income of the project or site, in the early overseas project is to click advertising based, it will build its own website, and then put on the advertising, recruit many members, the task is to browse ads, or click on it the way to achieve the purpose of publicity, the webmaster can from the advertiser’s income to pay a portion of the member, it can be said to play an intermediary role, is the bridge between the members and advertisers, advertisers from the interest point of view, each member is their potential customers, as long as you understand them to promote the products or services, will have the opportunity to become their customers, so also can profit from it, so the PTC site of the three party is good, mutual benefit and reciprocity.

there is a general class of other projects, there are a lot of ways to make money, here is not to say, can find some related information about, in short, the Internet can do a lot of projects, can really make money there are many, but there are some crooks station, be sure to remind caution. ww>

if you want to click Wangzhuan Solution >

what to do to make money online? This problem many people have discussed, we have to look for the project constantly, want to find a suitable and profitable project Wangzhuan today to talk about what the project can make money on the Internet.

Profitable project and can

this is very important, let more and more involved in the click Wangzhuan, is conducive to the development of the environment.

3, tell all the people about the prospect of click wangzhuan.

The model of

has been high hopes to click Wangzhuan friends, faced with this choice, the click Wangzhuan future, in addition to insisting, also need to adhere to the following points:


2, learn how to analyze site operation ability. Advertising is to support the operation of the site. No matter how perfect the process is, click ads are analyzed. General cycle a month, if there is no new ad, or change advertising, relying on exchange advertising is not easy to support and operate a site of the normal action.

on advertising to make money as well as large website or personal website, there are some, like some portal advertising revenue is very much, because they have a lot of traffic, on top of advertising is the best, can bring you a lot of IP every day, such as what specific money here is not to say.

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Interception Baidu traffic, and let him included your new station

today for you to introduce how to get traffic from Baidu, and the previous online methods are not the same, every day to see the content is repeated, no change, it is too boring.

today, I’ll tell you something else. Something substantial. We have done a new site, there is no traffic, the first thing to do is to promote. So many people want to go to Baidu post bar, Baidu knows to send connection. This is really easy to get some IP, but the problem comes, you often send your website connection, it is easy to Baidu to K, just stick it as an example. You sent a lot of, Baidu will think your hair connection is advertising, will shield you out. There is sometimes a little something to connect the hair, Baidu will not let you send. Say it’s an advertisement. I think a lot of friends have had this kind of problem. Here I talk about how to Baidu post bar advertising.

Baidu does not let you advertise connection is normal. Why do you send other connection addresses on your website?. If you want to send it, you should send someone else’s address. So, ha ha, you should send Baidu address, so he is not afraid of K, you stand, shield your domain name, not let you post. For example, my younger brother, I have a breeding website, the address is, if you send it directly, it will be easily blocked. Then we send it, go directly to Baidu search "" this word. After the search, the page address is,, so that the hair will be issued after the connection with Baidu, so that Baidu will not K you. This method also has a use, is to Baidu included your new station has certain function. You want to?. If a few W people in your web site as keywords to search, that Baidu does not pay attention to you, ah, he does not want to let the majority of Internet users disappointed ah. So which bar popular, you go to which post bar hair.

maybe someone will ask. Click on the link after Baidu search out. Baidu search results, and not directly to your web site ah. You need to have access to your website once in a minute. Yes, that’s true, but the title of your title is attractive, or someone will read it. For example, the younger brother of the station, search "breeding" ranking is not in the first, but search "characteristic farming" is the first. What do you see here? We can use "characteristic culture" as the keyword search Baidu connection address, to the correlation between the high Post Bar to Baidu, so people see, the name can also will look into the points. Maybe someone will ask me, I don’t have any key words in Baidu. What should I do first?. That’s easy. You can write an article at will. The title is "the king owes me 5 bucks, no return", "Sun Wukong, XX, Avalokiteshvara" and so on. The title is very interesting and can attract the long tail keywords. Basically, Baidu included, and you’ll be number one. Then send these, which are more attractive.

and we can go to Baidu and know what’s inside. Can >